Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Eucalyptus, Limelight, Emperor, Primavera

Eucalyptus Ltd Run is a deeper version of Mint Chip.  The glass was tested in combination with Limelight Ltd Run and blue aventurine.  The combination magnified the green tones of both, while the aventurine highlighted the soft blue/gray hue of the opaque base.
Limelight Ltd Run is was also used in Mariners Reef (pictured above).  The transparent, lime dream color is a fresh addition to the Messy family.  The blue aventurine created a slight "ink tint" in the example beads. 
Emperor Ltd Run is a lovely plum-kissed version of Sakura.  Depending on the application, the color may vary in intensity.  The color on its own is an intense wine.  When paired with other transparent colors of glass (Paris), Emperor is subdued and soft. 

Primavera Ltd is a very pale, minty green; slightly lighter than 50's Kitchen.  During the lengthy testing process, the glass nicely held it's shape without becoming soupy.  Paired with sifted opaque enamels, Primavera provided a beautiful canvas for the butterfly's wing.  Hades stringer work remained clean and crisp on the wing's surface.  No shocking or bubbling occurred.

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