Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Charlotte, Tutu, Moonlight, Celeste, Pimento

Batch test results from left to right: Charlotte, Tutu, Moonlight, Celeste, Limelight

Charlotte Ltd Run is a vibrant, transparent pink.  When compared with original Moretti 046 and Vetrofond 082, Charlotte is a true couture pink.  The glass appears to almost glow from within in sunlight.  A lovely match to Gelly's Sty.

Tutu Ltd Run is a soft, piggy-pink.  The transparent glass created a lovely pink encasement layer over the periwinkle base.  The glass nicely magnifies the blue aventurine frit to create a pink-quartz glow.

Moonlight Ltd Run is a transparent hearthstone.  The lavender undertones nicely accent the silver reation of the Double Helix glass.  The quality, crystalline encasement did not distort or allow bleeding of the frit. 
Celeste Ltd Run is a dazzling blue.  When pulled into fine stringers, the glass bubbled and created a bit of haziness.  In larger diameters, the glass didn't bubble or haze.  Used to create the "water" effect on the duck cabochon, the glass held its shape without any touch ups in the intense heat.  Overall a lovely glass for encasing.

Pimento is an opaque, tomato red.  This bright addition served as a lovely, stiff canvas for the fine stringer work.  After the initial shaping process, this firm glass accepted generous heat without becoming soupy or loosing form.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.     

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