Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Ladybug, Red Alert, Ogre, Dirty Laundry

Batch Test from left to right:  Effetre 076, CiM Ladybug, CiM Red Alert, CiM Ogre, CiM Cirrus, CiM Dirty Laundry

Ladybug Ltd Run has a true red appearance in direct sun.  During testing, the glass acted similar to Effetre Striking Red 076, however the CiM color remains bright and vibrant.  In narrow beads, the glass is translucent.

Red Alert Ltd Run is a bright, racecar red.  The opaque color is a slight shade darker than Poppy, but less glossy than Heartthrob.  The only drawback to this new, lush color is waiting for the release date.  It can't come soon enough!

Ogre Ltd Run is a truly unique color.  The glass appears to be a honey-kissed sage.  When fine silver is added, the glass blooms a similar color to Canyon de Chelly and reveals golden caramel hues with an accent of green undertones.

 Dirty Laundry Ltd Run is similar to Frozen, but with a light, cream hue.  The glass is very soft when molten and flows nicely.  Upon pressing, the glass is a firm surface for fine stringer work or enamels.  A luminous glass for a variety of designs.

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