Good Vibes Only

Good morning!  This happy lamp/fan pull was made from CiM Surf's Up and CiM Scotch Broom.  The vibrant blue and sunny yellow make for a fun pair.  Enjoy!

Cronicles of Cupcake the Otter & His Covid-19lbs of Chunk


Meet Cupcake!  Contrary to popular belief, he didn't get his name from having a sugary-sweet personality.  During the year long Covid quarantine, Cupcake built quite the reputation for putting down the baked goods by the baker's dozen.  
His kryptonite?  Boston cream filled vanilla cupcakes with a maraschino cherry buttercream frosting.  Aside from the extra Covid-19lbs of insulation, his otter-stache (aka flavor saver) is permanently stained a cupcake color.  Time for a Keto-Kelp health eating plan!
On a positive note, the local bakery near the wildlife sanctuary is thriving.

Nonya Beeswax!


Nonya is a sassy little guy.  He likes to hoard seed and when asked, "what do you have there?"  He promptly responds with a chirpy "Nonya Beeswax!"  Someone may need to learn to share... getting a little round in the mid-section.  

For my glassy-geek friends... this was made with CiM Beeswax Misty.

CiM Toothpaste... so minty fresh!


Loving how this fan/light pull turned out!  It was created from CiM Toothpaste and pure 24kt gold.   
It will definitely add design interest and a pop of color to a lucky lamp or fan.
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Baby Yoda


Good morning sunshine! Did you sleep well in the kiln? Snuggy warm you are.

Why I trail run...

...because sometimes life is challenging and it gives me strength to know that I can accomplish hard things like summit mountains in my physical and personal life. By small in simple things, great things can be accomplished... one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. 

Carb Loading

1 day until Christmas... let the carb loading begin!  A stickler for clean energy, Santa fuels his sleigh with high-quality organic, non-GMO deer feed.  Wash it down with a steamy mug of hazelnut hot chocolate topped with frothy whip cream and peppermint sprinkles.  Sooey! 


Taking a break from pumpkins for puffins. 
Pretty sure it is a fair tradeoff since both are round and roly. 


 Five Reasons to Join a Bowling League... pssh, as if you need a reason!  

1. Opportunity to kick your friends butts in a competitive venue.  Who doesn't love that?  A darn fool, that's who!

2.  Get Fit!  Most people assume there is no health benefit to bowling.  Actually bowling can help a person gain balance, coordination, and motor skills.  Boring!  Next reason...

3.  Fun!  Pretty sure we covered the fun factor in reason 1, however you can also laugh at your friends while bowling... I mean "with" your friends, eat pizza, and try on smelly shoes while worrying about ending up with some funky toe fungus.  Win, win, win!

4.  Making new friends and meeting new people!  Good thing too, you will need this opportunity to make new friends after your old ones find out how awesome you are at bowling a perfect game.  #sorelosers

5.  $$$  Just think of the sponsorship moola that will come your way!?  The professional endorsements are yours for the taking.  Granted, you will have to commit your life to bowling, train 24-7 and lug around a heavy ball.  Totally worth it to be known as a Proballer!

Dumbfounded - Out of My Gourd Series


Happy to debut a new addition to the "Out of my Gourd" series! Poor little guy is absolutely dumbfounded. He has spent too much time watching political pundits banter... not to mention the Presidential Debates. Now his face is permanently frozen in a state of dismay. He needs a week on a beach and some extra strength ibuprofen.

Bat Shi# Crazy


Where has the time gone?  October already and not the best year for bats.  After a bit of bad press, this guy is looking for a happy home.  #batshitcrazy


Out of my Gourd Series - Pumpklops

Meet Pumpklops - This one-eyed pumpkin needs Invisalign and a vision corrective monocle... talk about high maintenance!  His depth perception is extremely poor and he ends up breaking a lot of things out of sheer clumsiness... oopsies!  Definitely looking to re-home him since I cannot afford the increase cost of replacing damaged decor.  Just in case you are wondering, he would make a disgusting filling for pumpkin pie... pithy to the core!



 Part of the "Out of my Gourd" series by Heather Sellers. More pictures to come tomorrow!

Reminder - Beads of Courage

Happy Sunday Morning!  Just remembering the first time I heard of the Beads of Courage program... almost 14 years ago.  It was a moment that changed my heart and helped me heal from the loss of my mother to Glioblastoma.  It was an opportunity to use my skills to make others smile and briefly forget about their health challenges.  I love that about Beads of Courage!  So I challenge you to Make, Donate, and/or Carry a Bead.  I promise it will change your perspective and bring you happiness.
Ironman's Arc Reactor bead (glow in the dark glass)

Currently Color Testing & Custom Orders


CiM has added some lovely new colors to their vast palette.  You can probably guess my new favorites, especially since lush pinks and purples are so rare in the soft glass world.  Check out their new offerings and other lovely colors here:

 I truly hope you have a safe and happy Holiday weekend! 

Back at it...

It has been awhile since I sat at the torch.  To be completely honest, life has been busy over the past 1 1/2 years.  Things change, people assess their circumstances and hard decisions sometimes need to be made to move forward.  I found the strength to do just that for my own happiness.  The road has been rough and I'm in no way in a position of things being easy.  I have been greatly blessed with a strong work ethic and drive to rebuild my life into something joyful.  Thank you for being patient on my return to the torch.  My hours here are limited, however my hands haven't forgotten how to sculpt molten glass. 

Harvest Time Again

Feel free to contact me via facebook for dibs on a new pumpkin paperweight.

Monarchs in the Moonlight

Comes on a 16 inch sterling silver chain.  
Hands down, the best monarch encased bead that has come out of my studio.  
I will be sad to see him go.  Enjoy!

Reclaimed Brass

A simple design to freshen up a brass fixture.  Features soft ivory, gray, and 24kt gold. 

Meet My Significant Otter

Some may say that he needs to shave his bushy mustache, however I disagree.  #whiskerkisses 

I'm Late

Happy Monday!  Revisiting some previous designs but with a new take on the original idea.  This Alice inspired totem features a topsy-turvy tophat, flamingo, heart, pocket watch and toad stool.  The bright components just make me smile.

Free Hugs

Things a bit hectic around the Holidays?  Need a hug?  Well here you go! Always looking to give a comforting squeeze, the facehugger is happy to accommodate all of your hugging needs.

Merry Cherries

10 days until Christmas... where has the time gone???  These merry cherries feature CiM Garnet fruit, CiM Toto stems and new CiM Mantis for the leaf.  Hope you have a very cherry Christmas! 

Poison Apple Swirls

Finishing off the last few colors for CiM testing. This one is new Poison Apple Transparent. The muted purple stripe is CiM Midnight. Liking the color combination. Enjoy!

Knick Knack Patty Wack

A simple, straight forward tube bead with clean stripes.  The left side is CiM Troi and the right side is CiM Little Boy Blue.  The color bands are separated with crisp white, periwinkle and gray stringer work.  Enjoy!

Maiden of the Mist

Fresh from the kiln!  A lovely long smooth bi-cone featuring new CiM Cerulean.  Enjoy!