Let's Create! with CiM

This page will serve as a quick link to my "Let's Create" posts.  The posts are strictly my personal opinion based on years of working with glass.  I will compare and contrast new additions to the CiM palette with other 104 CoE brands such as Effetre, Vetrofond, Lausha, and Double Helix (to name a few).  
Readers will be able to reference colors by name, compare finishes, and preview reactions in full detail.  I hope my finding will provide a guide for flameworkers and assist in capturing their own creative vision.  The shared experiences and insights will help readers to predict end results before ever lighting a torch and instill true color confidence.  The process of color testing CiM glass will be a journey I hope you join me on.
Happy Beading,

Testing Posts:
Chai, Primrose, Bubble Bath, Coronation Day, Poppy
Tiger Lily, Cobblestone, Mint Chip 
Mahogany, Heartthrob, Cinnamon Jelly 
Gypsy, Whisper, Trapeze, Ice Floe
Goldenrod, School Bus, Royal, Chamomile
Frost, Zoe, Birthstone, Blue-yah, Pollen
Aegean, Tortoise, Duck Egg, Cottontail
Nectar, Chateau, Boysenberry, Anchor
Nimbus, French Grey, Caboose, Butternut, Sakura
Aladdin, Loch Ness, 50s Kitchen, Frozen, Foam
Leaf Men, Autumn, Moccasin, Indian Summer
Ladybug, Red Alert, Ogre, Dirty Laundry
Eucalyptus, Limelight, Emperor, Paris, Primavera
Charlotte, Tutu, Moonlight, Celeste, Pimento
Byzantium, Meadow, Ecru, Musk, Allspice
Slate, African Violet, Jet Stream, Cleopatra, Ceylon
Velveteen, Pistachio Ice Cream, Toto, Tamarind, Experimental
 Blarney Stone, Pixie, Spearmint, Dragon, Envy
 Quetzal, Yellow Brick Road, Painted Hills
 Class M Planet, Denim, Mockingbird, Splash, Halong Bay
Aloha, Elf, Blue Arrow Frog, Prairie Grass, Garnet
Harvest, Monarch, Canoe, Bone, Tardis
 Spook, Enchanted, Venus, Siren, Poolside


Torch set up:
I currently work on a Carlisle Mini CC.  The adjustable flame accommodates the wide variety of detail and allows for torching larger focals.  My studio set up includes an EX-15 Oxygen Concentrator and dedicated natural gas line which produces an incredibly clean flame.  No bothering with changing out fuel tanks or refilling tanks, which is a nice plus.

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