Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Leaf Men, Autumn, Moccasin, Indian Summer

 Batch Test Photo colors from Left to Right: Leaf Men, Ginger, Autumn, Moccasin, Indian Summer
Indian Summer Ltd Run is a warm, spiced rum.  The glass flowed nicely when used to encase a clear core.  The large focal held it's shape as a canvas for delicate stringer work.  When placed in a side by side comparison with the golden undertones of Nectar, this new color has a rich, vibrant hue.

Autum Ltd Run is a sun-kissed peach.  A lovely addition to the Messy color collection, the color appears to be a warmer version of Chai with a hint of tangerine.  The glass was a bit shocky during testing. 

Moccasin Ltd Run is a rustic, camel color.  Not too stiff, or too soft, the glass pressed nicely and held it's shape while sculpting.  A lovely color addition to the Messy family
Just in time for Autumn, Leaf Men Ltd Run is a dark, acorn green.  A close cousin to Olive, the lighter color version is a nice addition to Fall themed palette.

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