Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Cottontail, Duck Egg, Tortoise & Aegean


Tortoise Ltd Run has a variation of color change similar to Canyon de Chelly, but with a dark sage luster.  The glass reacted nicely with fine silver mesh to reveal a golden brown patina.  Fans of the color "green" will be happy with this lovely addition to the Messy palette.  No bubbling or shocking.
Elsa's cloak is made from Duck Egg

Duck Egg Ltd Run initially bore close resemblance to Dirty Martini, however the glass is stair-step shade on the darker side of the color.  The minty blue color was easily shaped and swirled.  Duck Egg took on a golden reaction when paired with Tortoise and fine silver mesh.  No bubbling, hazing or shocking occurred during testing.
Cottontail Ltd Run is a natural alabaster reminiscent of Roman Imperial Period.  The lovely color is neutral in rod form, however the rich warm undertones come to life in the flame.  When paired with hues of green, Cottontail took on a nude ivory hue.  When left to stand alone, the glass took on a warm glow of fine alabaster.  The glass was a dream to shape.  Probably one of the quickest test beads I have ever created, rolling through the beadroller like butter.  No shocking or bubbling.

Aegean Ltd Run is a lovely addition to the Bluedini family.  A true green-blue color is clear and crisp.  I paired the glass with reactive Double Helix Kronos to magnify the silver reaction.  No hazing, bubbling or shocking occurred. 

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