CiM Testing - August 2014, batch 1

Primrose is a lovely addition to the Messy family.  To the naked eye, the light pink could easily be mistaken for Effetre 256.  Photographed under incandescent light, Primrose appears to be a slight shade lighter than Effetre 256.  The quality of glass was superb without bubbles.  No shocking on day 1 of testing, slight shocky during day 2 of testing, however a gently heating of the rod was a perfect remedy.  
Project Recommendations:  Anything floral inspired for a lovely petal pink palette,  floral canes, sculptural hearts, pastel stringer work, and pink cheek detail.

Bubblebath is a transparent opal lavender with slight hues of pink; very "lavender quartz" in appearance.  Unlike many opalinos which tend to trap bubbles, the glass had minimal bubbling.  No discoloration reported after multiple heating/cooling in balanced flame.  No shocking was experienced. 
Project Recommendations:  Raised flower petals, heat stamping raised surface detail with themed bead presses, pastel backdrop for floral frit beads.

Coronation Day is a deep, rich lilac.  The depth of color is hard for the camera to accurately capture.  Using a variety of flame conditions will produce highs and lows in color gradient.  A thorough flame polish is recommended for an overall deep purple hue.  Repeating heated and cooling will lend to more variety of highs and lows.  Working the molten glass with a cool shaping tool will also achieve variations in the rich tones of Coronation Day.  No shocking or bubbling experienced.
Project Recommendations:  Rich backdrop for raku frit or silvered ivory shards/stringers, hearts, sculptural work (the glass was fabulous at retaining shape).

Chai is a soft pastel nude with a hint of peach.  Chai easily reacts with fine silver to create deep moody tones.  During testing, Chai was paired with Daffodil and Butter Pecan.  No distortion occurred in the testing.  No shocking or bubbling.
Project Recommendations:  A variation on face tones for a portrait bead, florals, a base for silver foil encasement, murrini projects, pastel Autumn palette.

Poppy is a bright, cheery red.  The overall finish is glossy and without variation of color.  The glass can easily be wrapped and worked without concern for striations.  Easily pressed or manipulated in a bead roller, Poppy was a joy to flamework.  No shocking or bubbling.  When paired with Phoenix and Daffodil, no distortion was noted.  Color remained clean and crisp. 
Project Recommendations:  Florals, murrini projects, berries, encasements, hearts, stringers for peppermints, Rudolph's nose.


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