CiM Testing - August 2014, batch 2

Tiger Lily is a vivid orange opaque with a high concentration of gloss.  The quality of glass was delightful to work with in the flame.  No shocking or bubbling experienced.  The juicy color is perfect for a variety of applications.  Under encasing, the color is a bit lighter, however the vivid glass remains bright.  Tiger Lily flows beautifully over an Effetre Clear core as demonstrated in the demo "Harvest Pumpkins". 
Project Recommendations:  Pumpkins (etched or gloss finish), harvest palette, bright citrus palette, Halloween projects.

Cobblestone is a warm steel gray.  The rich neutral color lends itself to a multitude of projects.  When placed side by side with silvered ivory, the glass remains true to color without distortion or reaction (see photograph below, titled "Green with Envy").  No shocking or bubbling experienced.  Cobblestone has quickly become one of my favorites, not only for the lovely  color, but due to the ease in working and shaping.  I will be stocking up on the limited run in the near future.
Project Recommendations:  Organic themes, pairing with silvered ivory or raku frit, ocean themes including sculptural work such as seals and walrus, encasements for a rich base, murrini projects, striped cane.
"Green with Envy"

Mint Chip is an icy pastel green, with a hint of gray.  The cool mint color is a fresh addition to the CiM palette.  The glass remains clean and without streaking when used in combination with Effetre Light Ivory.  No bubbling experienced; slight initial shocking, but easily remedied with gently warming in the flame.  Admittedly, I am not drawn to glass with a green hue, however the color is quite lovely and fills a needed color gap in the palette of CoE 104 glass.  All said, it was a fun glass which pushed me to expand my personal limits.
Project Recommendations:  Spring frit combination over pinks/pastels, leaf cane paired with Olive/Elphaba/Hades, seascape focal, murrini projects. 

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