Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Nectar, Chateau, Boysenberry & Anchor

Nectar Ltd Run is a crisp, transparent honey-peach with subtle hues of cognac.  Paired with Butter Pecan, the glass pressed nicely into a 1inch lentil.  Raku nicely accents the rich warmth of the Nectar.  No hazing, bubbling or shocking occurred during testing. 

Chateau Ltd Run is a transparent champagne.  When placed in a side by side comparison with the golden undertones of Sepia, Chateau has a faint, woody hue.  The stiff glass formed nicely into a 4 hole button.  Note:  The companion button is Cottontail.

Boysenberry Ltd Run held a few surprises in the test phase.  Initially, the rod appears transparent in nature, however the saturation of color intensifies in the flame to create a opaque deep plum.  Unlike many transparent glass rods, the glass flows with ease.  The intensity of the juicy color is easily apparent when place in line with Grape Ape & Thai Orchid.  The test bead was decorated with frit then raked to create a feathered appearance.  No hazing, bubbling or shocking occurred during the testing process.

Anchor Ltd Run is very similar to Leaky Pen, but with a more royal hue of sapphire.  A deep navy color, the glass bead appears blue-black in the photograph due to the intense coloration.  Pulled into stringers, the nautical inspired name rings true.  The little pirate's pants were created from Anchor.  When introduced to the flame, slight hazing occurred which quickly burned off upon reaching a molten state.  No shocking occurred.

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