CiM Testing - August 2014, batch 3

Mahogany by CiM is true to the name.  The rich russet of Mahogany is highlighted by warm, woody undertones.  When paired with Heartthrob and Phoenix, the glass remained crisp without distortion or bleeding.  No shocking or bubbling experienced.  The unique color is on my "must have" list to fill the color palette gap between reds/browns. 
Project Recommendations:  Organic themes, pairing with silvered ivory or raku frit, earth tone palette, sculptural work, murrini projects, lovely addition to an Autumn palette.

Heartthrob is a lush, glossy, opaque red.  When layered over Phoenix and Mahogany (see picture above), the distortion recorded is mild with lovely light undertones rising to the surface.  In sunlight, Heartthrob has a delicious, candy apple hue.  No shocking or bubbling experienced.
Project Recommendations:  Hearts or anything Valentine related, sculptural floral projects, roses, stringer application for holiday peppermint focals.

Cinnamon Jelly is a glossy, spice red.  The high gloss finish gives the color a juicy aura in any light.   The initial warming of the test rod produced slight shocking which was easily remedied with gentle warming and slower introduction to the flame.  No bubbling occurred while testing.  Easily shaped with a bead roller, the overall finish is lovely.
Project Recommendations:  Pair with rich reds/oranges for a monochromatic palette, red Autumn hearts for a hint of spice, accents for a festive Cinco de Mayo or Southwestern themed set, murrini with a bull's eye red center.

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