Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Nimbus, Sakura, French Grey, Butternut & Caboose

Nimbus Ltd Run is a dark, stormy blue-grey.  A deep, quartz-like finish is apparent when the glass is brought to a molten state, then quickly cooled with use of a shaping tool.  Paired with silvered ivory, Nimbus' color remains true and crisp.  A perfect glass pick for scenic bead project featuring a night sky or horizon.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.

French Grey Ltd Run is a lighter version of Nimbus and exhibits a lovely medium blue-grey color.  Similar to Nimbus, the glass has a quartz-like finish when worked hot.  The glass could be classified as a alabaster of sorts, not quite completely opaque.  Under an encasement of transparent clear, the glass had a mottled appearance.  No shocking or bubbling occurred.

Caboose Ltd Run is a warm coral-red.  When compared with CiM's Poppy, the pink undertones are readily apparent.  The bright glass flowed with ease when shaping a smooth bicone or capping the edge of an encased round.  The color remained free of gloss striations throughout the bead making process.  No shocking or bubbling occurred. 
Pictured above from left to right: 
Caboose, Tiger Lily, Butternut, Vetrofond Banana Crème, Daffodil, Caboose.
Butternut is a sunny mango orange.  The sunnier version of CiM Pumpkin should come with a "do not eat" warning.  The candy colored glass showed no striations of gloss when worked and shaped.  The glass did not distort when used to color block a more rigid transparent glass, but was able to hold it's own.  When used in a smooth bicone test bead, the Butternut added an additional layer of interest.  The only disappointment was when the rod of test glass was all gone.  No shocking or bubbling.
Sakura Ltd Run is a medium blush pink with bronze underones.  In a side-by-side comparison to Effetre 046 and Vetrofond 068, Sakura's intensity is quite noticeable.  A transparent sister to CiM's Phoenix, Sakura was used in a multitude of tests:  encasing over fine silver, the base of a clear encased bead with dots and shaped in a ribbed tool.  Variations in the color due to application were each delightful in themselves.  A deep bronze emerged when encased over fine silver.  Upon encasing, the glass retained more of it's initial pink hue.  No hazing, shocking or bubbling.

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