CiM Testing - August 2014, batch 4

Gypsy is a dark, ink purple.  Initial observation led me to assume the glass was a transparent black, boy was I wrong!  Pulling stringers reveal the true dark violet color.  The transparent stringers flowed nicely into a abstract "cloud" shape in the vessel, retaining the crisp, clean line without distortion.  The No shocking or bubbling experienced. 
Project Recommendations:  Organic themes, purple iris frit, floral cane for a hint of deep violet, sculpture.

Trapeze is a transparent, medium lavender.  The vivid color is a wonderful addition to the CiM color palette.  The stiff glass is perfect for sculpting or creating vessels, but flows easily for a lovely encasement.  No shocking or bubbling. 
Project Recommendations:  Hearts, encasing, etch projects, floral projects, frit, a base for scrolling stringer work, sculpture.

Whisper is a pale opal pink with tones of gray.  When layered over a transparent such as trapeze, the subtle opalino will take on the hue of the base color and render a lovely stippled texture (as can be seen in "Cloudscape" on the right-hand side of the vessel, above the Gypsy detail).  No bubbling or shocking experienced. 
Project Recommendations:  Organic themed beads, hearts, combining with transparent glass for a milky effect. 

Ice Floe is a transparent, light powder blue.  Expecting the glass to have an aqua cast, I was happily surprised by the soft, cloud blue color.  The glass was a dream to sculpt and shape.  The neck and opening of "Cloudscape" were wound from Ice Floe.  Over the hour of heating and reheating the vessel, I never once had to "fight" the glass or touch up the crisp lines of the vessel's neck.  No bubbling or shocking.  
Project Recommendations:  Sculpting, encasing base beads, anything pressed, a base for stringer work and dots, etching.

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