Clowning Around

Pick a card, any card! 
*honk, honk*
For the 12% of people who suffer from coulrophobia, I apologize for this terrifying post. 
If that is the case, get up from your office cubical,
walk calmly to the restroom,
and splash some water on your face.
Unless you suffer from aquaphobic...  
 In that case, go ahead and have a good cry while rocking back and forth in your office chair. 
Try not to focus on the fact that your face is now covered with tears made from water...
for heaven's sake that will not help you calm down!
  Push that thought down where you usually keep your fear of clowns...
you know the dark place deep in your soul...
yeah, there. 
Maybe watch some funny cat videos on Youtube, unless your company has the site blocked for productivity reasons.  Act like the tears are from heavy laughter. 
If you suffer from ailurophobia, you're pretty much hosed. 
Again, I apologize.
On the bright side, he has plenty of extra handkerchiefs.


Carmen Isaacs said...

You have the most incredible talent. Love you little characters.

Heather Sellers said...

Many thanks Carmen for the lovely compliment. If I make at least one person smile, the time is well spent.
All the best,

flammenliebe said...

So funny! Your beads always make me smile...

Heather Sellers said...

Thank you for following along with my silly glass journey and taking the time to comment.