Bowling League

A fun bowling set from the last class session.  Just catching up on demo bead photographs.  The beads would make a fun earring set for gal who loves strikes!

More Rainbows

The proceeds from this set were donated to Beads of Courage in memory of Annemarie Frances.  Her smile could brighten any room.  Thankful for the legacy she leaves behind.


Checkers' to do list:
Oh my, a guinea pig's life is sooooo rough! 
Jealous?  I am.

Soda Lime Times: May 2015

The topic of the May 2015 Soda Lime Times is enamels.  It is an honor to have my beads included in the gallery portion of the enamels issue.  If you get a chance, check out the helpful color chart for Thompson Enamels which is included on page 19 and 20 of the fabulous e-magazine.  I highly recommend printing these pages and using the color chart as labels to help organize your personal stash of enamels: 

 Always use proper safety and correct ventilation when working with enamels.

Snail Herd

Just hit my goal for the week.  A batch of 50 snails for Beads of Courage. 
Well worth the 18+ hours of snailtastic fun!

Enameled Rounds - Update

The lapping process is complete:
Ever get an idea which can't wait?  Due to the break between class sessions, these beads will have to wait until I get a chance to lap a few facets.  Looking forward to sharing pictures of the finished beads in a few weeks. 

True Blue

Update:  The donated necklace raised $100.00 for the Air Force Auction at Minot AFB.  Special thanks to those who bid.  To all members of the military (past and present), thank you for your service.
Working on finishing a few jewelry pieces for a US Air Force silent auction in April.  The necklace features a hollow bead filled with sparkly CZs, a solid sterling silver slider which reads "USAF", a perfectly striped dark blue disc, and two encased beads. 

Spring Orphan Beads

The orphan bead container is getting full.  No clue what to do with these, but they seem look nice together. 

Nature Gallery - Spring 2015

The gallery section of The Flow features a few of my animal inspired beads:  Indigo Plume and Water Ballet No. 2.  It is truly an honor to have my beads included along side the work of the talented Joy Munshower, Vicki Schneider, Polly Toombs, and Marilyn Peraza.
The Flow Magazine

Ladies Man

Remember Salty the Snail???  Well apparently he is quite the ladies man snail.  His brood has taken over my flower garden.  Sadly, the vegetation cannot support his growing family.

I know what you're thinking... and table salt is out of the question!  
Thanks to Beads of Courage program, the adorable baby snails will be heading to Tucson. 
No worries, I will put air holes in the shipping container.

Happy Beading with Soda Lime Times

The April issue of
focuses on "Happy" themed beads.  It was an honor to be chosen as the featured artist.  Included are 2 super cute tutorials to brighten the readers' day.  Hop on over to the Soda Lime Times website to get your issue today. 
Hope everyone has a lovely week.  As always, HaPpY BeAdiNg!

Nature's Box of Crayons

A couples pictures from the hike today.  Minimal whining from the kids... always a plus.  I have hopes that someday they will be hardcore hikers, able to run the trails and push their own limits.  Every hike is an improvement.  All in all, a wonderful day. 

Ladybug Jamboree No. 2

Some color combinations just make me happy.  Creation is Messy's Poison Apple is one of my favorites.  With a splash of sunny yellow, clean white and bright red, the set is complete.