Summer Fling

Why do Summer romances fade?  Maybe because the conversation was one sided... or maybe one partner prefers pineapple shaved ice over coconut flavor.  One thing is for sure, the relationship was never the same after a sporty, beach volleyball entered the picture.  C'est la vie!

Painted Snail

polymita picta

Shell Shopping

When a hermit crab chooses a new shell, is it similar to taking kids shoe shopping?  Does the little critter compare style, color, fit, and comfort?  I would surely hope so.  Nothing worse than being seen in an out of season conch shell on Venice Beach... the fashion horror!

Non-Glass Project: DIY Cat Bed

Awhile back, a DIY cat bed caught my eye on Pinterest.  It took some looking to find the perfect vintage suitcase to dismantle.  The legs were a great find which I refinished a light walnut to better match a mishmash of wood in the living room.  The plush bedding is a quilted pillowcase sham over a standard pillow... so soft and comfy.  A feather toy, vintage luggage tag, original suitcase keys, and a monogrammed "G" added a bit of personality.  Gizmo seemed to know right away that the special project was for him.  He now naps there often and keeps his cuddle toy there always!  Someone is definitely spoiled and he is more than fine with that fact.

Soda Lime Times - May 2016

A new issue of Soda Lime Times is available! This month it's all about magical themes.  Hope you enjoy a special Woodland Fairy design featuring Lori Riley's Dichroic Gems.  Get your copy here:

Yummy Rainbow

Lori Riley creates beautiful, vivid, high quality dichroic for COE 33, COE 96, COE 104, and COE 90.  Pictured below are just some of the color palette available from Riley Designs.  If you are interested in adding a bit of bling to your next glass project, visit her website:

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

Guinea P. O'Malley is a lucky leprechaun piggy who on occasion enjoys a stout alfalfa ale. 
May your St. Patrick's Day be filled with kisses.  And always remember, if you're enough lucky to be Irish, you're lucky enough!

Twister the Ferret

This little guy is trouble with a capital "T"!  His day consists of chasing, exploring, and reverse engineering everything in sight.  If he could talk, his favorite word would be, "mine". 

Darth Thimble

Another thimble for Darth's sewing kit. Just in case a Darksider needs to mend a runner in a menacing black cape or stormtrooper stockings.

Lone King

On June 13, 2014, the Smithsonian.com featured a breathtaking photograph by the talented Max Seigal.  The artistry and emotion in Max's photograph was the inspiration for Lone King