Beads of Courage Auction Item

Rockabilly Valentine will be auctioned off Saturday, February 6th. 
All proceeds will benefit Beads of Courage.  Hope to see you there!

Boxing up a few BoC Donation Beads

Excited to deliver these in person to the Beads of Courage headquarters in Tucson.  Some haven't been photographed before today, others have been featured in bead magazines.  Hoping they bring smiles to some awesome kiddos!

Tongue Tied Paperweight and Class Dot Review

The poor little frog is tangled up in knots again.  It looks like he needs some help with his aiming skills.  Anyone up for some target practice?

Soda Lime Times: February 2016

A new issue of Soda Lime Times is available! This month it's all about metals. Did you know silver glass can be used for Beads of Courage if properly and fully encased with a non-metalic glass? The featured artist is the amazing Leah Nietz whose tutorial is for this blown vessel. Enjoy!

Catching some Rays

The little guy would be right at home in an elaborate beach scene staged inside an Altoid's tin.  Another thing to add to my "To Do" project list.

Batman vs. Spiderman

Part of a donation for Beads of Courage.  I'm sure they will find the beads a good home with some real life heroes. 

Trooper Thimble

Don't cha just hate it when Darth needs a runner in his cape mended or the Sith Lord gets a hole in his lap blanket?  Darksiders fear no more, the Storm Trooper thimble is here to save the day!  Ok, maybe it won't help defeat the Rebel Alliance, but it will protect your finger... just one finger... your other fingers are out of luck.

Glass Bead Evolution Volume 3 Issue 4

The recent issue of the Glass Bead Evolution features some great information.  I especially enjoyed reading the article on tank safety written by Robert Simmons, Ph.D.  David Orr's helpful tips regarding photography were fantastic.  The issue also included many other fabulous artists.  Hope you enjoy the Indigo Plume design tutorial on page 34.  All the best, Heather
March 2014

How to catch a Bunny

1. Place a carrot in a brightly colored container, then wait.
Make sure you have some snacks... this might take awhile.
2. Once the bunny enters the colorful jar,
place a lid over the opening.  Don't forget the air holes.

Costume Party

You know the costume party is heating up when YMCA Biker Dude and Captain Kirk arrive.  The party seemed to be a hit, aside from an awkward moment of silence with Spock...

Beads of Courage is hosting a Giveaway:

Born of Fire, Glass, & Love Giveaway:
Beads of Courage is hosting an amazing giveaway opportunity. 
 Steps to enter:
1. Buy the new ebook (
2. Make beads from the ebook.
3. Send bead donations to Beads of Courage.

 You will be automatically entered for a chance to win the Grand Prize which includes 2 CG Beadrollers, 1 Year Subscription to Soda Lime Times, Sampler Pack of CiM Glass, and a Signed/Printed Copy of the eBook. 
 Other chances to win include 1 of 4 giveaways including a bead roller from Donna Felkner, Owner/Creator of CG Beads or a glass sample pack from the Beads of Courage HQ vault! 

 Entry Deadline is March 1, 2016. So fire up your torch and Good luck to all!

Jabba and Friends

Just because Jabba is unlikeable on screen, doesn't mean he is void of friends off screen.