A little sparkle? Yes, please!

Meet CiM's new color Elixir Sparkle.  The ribbed bead was made with repeated heating/tooling... oh my, pure caramel apple goodness!  On the bottom left, one can see the same glass used to create a quick bead, no repeated heating/tooling just a quick flamepolish.  The top right bead shows the same base color with a clear encasement to showcase the sparkle.   All of this from 1 rod... amazing!!!

New CiM Colors: Testing in Progress

Testing for CiM is one of my favorite things.  Often, I find my mind wandering to organization projects which involve increasing storage for glass... yikes!  It is definitely an issue faced by most flameworkers... how to squeeze more glass into a space.  Where is an elusive shrink ray when you need one!?  Seriously scientists, we are knocking on 2019.  Snap, snap... get with it already!

 (Porpoise, Bayou, Little Boy Blue, Troi, Weeping Willow)

 (Peace, Peppermint Cream, Egg White, Lemonade, Baked Alaska)

(Tahitian Pearl, Eden, Your Majesty, Amethyst, Wisteria)

Tahitian Pearl

Loving this new color from Creation is Messy, aptly named Tahitian Pearl.

When in Rome...

Did you know that in ancient Rome, wealthy women bought vials of gladiator sweat and dirt??? They would use it as face cream... yuck. Probably going to stick with my boring daily regimen.

Out of My Gourd - Ankle Biters

The smell of decay hangs heavy in the musty Autumn air.  Every pumpkin farmer's worst nightmare has become reality.  A hard freeze followed by unseasonably warm weather means only one thing... zombie pumpkins!  The compost pile begins to team with rotten carcasses.  A disgusting, rancid aroma invites vermin and flies to congregate.  This is the dark side of pumpkin patches, kept well hidden from the corn maze and apple cider scene.  Can you imagine the public panic if word got out?  Sales of pumpkin scented candles would tank.  #Pumpkinspice would no longer fill shoppers with warm nostalgia, but now become the new apocalyptic warning hashtag.  Forget harvest hay rides and pie eating contests...  NO way, NO how!  Ok, maybe pie, but only if I had a spotter to keep an eye out for zombiekins.  I would also prefer a spotter who ran slower than me.  Taking applications now.

Out of My Gourd - The Perfect Pout

Pouty McPlumperson's bottom lip is on display 24-7.  He adamantly refuses to wear dentures.  Instead, the stubborn pumpkin enjoys gumming saltwater taffy while sharing old-timey stories of growing up in the Ozarks, listening to dueling banjos and reminiscing of days long past when he still had a full set of chompers.  
The ornery coot is available through the pumpkin relocation program (dentures included).  Full disclosure, that is not the trill wind you hear blowing through the trees... he speaks with a pronounced whistle.  Also note, due to a narrowed airway, Pouty requires a CPAP machine for sleeping.  If considering adoption, please be prepared for a shrill *whistle---hum---whistle---hum* to gently lull you to sleep at night.  Some say the sound is more soothing than nails down a chalkboard or the yowl of a cat in heat. 

Sea Salt

A new addition to the studio light fixture.  
It is simple, yet function.

Toucan Cabochon

Sometimes you just need a reminder to hold that big beak up high.. unless it is pouring down torrential rain from a hurricane.  Then by all means, stock up on bird seed and binge watch some Nestflix.

Hunt & Peck

Percy is a scifi-romance writer who enjoys spicing things up with a sprinkling of slapstick comedy.  Bordering on the absurd, the novels have a loyal cult following in Norway and British Columbia.  His hunt and peck approach to typing is painfully slow, so publishers give him a standard 2 year extension on final submissions.  Be looking for his next novel to hit the stands in 2020ish.  Curious about the title?  Invasion of the Beak Snatchers:  You've Picked the Wrong Nesting Grounds. 


Sea Foam Milk Glass Pull. The hand shaping process involved in this unique functional piece brought me back to wood turning as a teen. How I miss the lathe

A Splash of Color

This citrus green pull is fresh from the kiln. 
The functional accent piece adds a splash of color to any light or fan.

Big Fluffy Buns

The world renowned baker Nigel Fuzzelbottom is cooking up a storm.  People travel from miles around to smell the heavenly aroma of his quaint bakery and take a gander at his big, fluffy buns, raised to perfection!  The heavily guarded recipe was recently revealed in a shocking Furflix exposé.  Viewers learned the startling secret ingredient...
*spoiler alert*
(((now would be a good time to send small children out of the room)))
... it's fresh raisins and NOT the California kind.  

So Happy

An update on the kitten front: 
These two found their forever home as a bonded pair with a wonderful lady who will without a doubt spoil them rotten.  That just makes my heart happy.
The little calico has pawed her way into our hearts and has decided to hang around as Gizmo's new bestie.  Her name is Kali, the Goddess of Death and Destruction.  Yes, we will be using her entire name when referring to her around the house.  Definitely a happily ever after ending!

Yesterday, I crossed the bridge of no return and rescued 3 kittens from becoming ferals like their mother. They received a clean bill of health from our vet.  Passing all of their tests with flying colors.  They have now had their first round of vaccines.  What some snuggle monkeys!

Waggles Bouffant

Forget Pina Coladas…
If you like stealing bacon, and getting sprayed with the hose.
If you're not into listening, if you enjoy licking toes.
If you like howling at midnight, after pawing at the door.
I'm the dog that you've looked for, rescue me and I’m yours!


Finnegan is a silly little parakeet who loves listening to music and chirping along. His favorite phrase is "Shut the front door!" A stickler for conserving A/C and not letting flies in the house, the energy whistleblower is rewarded with his fill of bird seed.

Out of My Gourd - Homely Hubbard

The hubbard squash has an extremely hard outer shell and can be stored for long periods of time.  This misfit of the pumpkin patch may have a tough shell, but hides a sweet, delicious flesh that is great for baking, boiling, roasting, and purees.  The squash can grow up to 50 pounds!  Originally named in the 1840's when Elizabeth Hubbard gave seeds to a friend in a kind, neighborly gesture...  looking back, who in their right mind would gift such homely squash seeds to a friend?  I call shenanigans!

Out of My Gourd - Warted Bottle Neck

Meet grumbling Gourdon, the newest addition to the Out of My Gourd Series.  As you can see, he is covered in warts.  Sadly there is not a "softer side" to this old coot... his grouchy attitude perfectly matches the tough, weathered gourd façade.  Constantly shouting random phrases and insults at passersby, the patient farmer was finally forced to relocate Gourdon to the hay barn aka solitary confinement.  Curious about the insults???  The gruff critiques usually focus on visitors' lack of warts and not enough bump in the trunk.

Out of My Gourd - Cyclops

Expanding the Out of My Gourd Series. 
Meet Cyclops, the monstrous creation of a lazy pumpkin carver unable to muster enough effort for 2 eye holes.  The lack of depth perception is a major issue.  The constant bumping into things and rolling into the irrigation ditch has earned him a clumsy reputation around the pumpkin patch. 

Soda Lime Times - June 2018

The June issue of Soda Lime Times comes out this evening. Thrilled to have Orville included in the "How Cute" issue. It is available here: http://sodalimetimes.com

Alien No. 2

Second attempt at the alien.  This time with a bit more drool.

That's Bananas

Adding a banana to your daily diet has an array of benefits.  Bananas provide nutrients that regulate your heart rhythm, contain vitamin compounds for eye health, and keep things regular in the boom-boom department.  A popular healthy living website suggests keeping a bunch of bananas on your desk at work... yeah, great idea to infest your office with fruit flies... morons.  But seriously, who writes this stuff?  Blah, blah, blah...  it goes on to say, "you'll be more likely to reach for a healthy banana -- instead of heading to the vending machine."  Yeah, no.  Hate to break it to you but when chocolate calls, an over ripened, spotty banana is not going to stop me from scrounging up pocket change like a shady bookie out to collect past-due debts and taking the long walk of shame to the vending machine.  Oh and you can guarantee that I will be getting the potato chips too. 

Fast & Fur-ious

Lusso Furrari (no relation to the ultra fast Enzo) is a high octane agility competitor.  It takes a master handler to direct this guinea pig in a race for both time and accuracy... very similar to herding cats, but more hectic and involves high pitched weeps.  Lusso trains daily on an indoor obstacle course which includes jumps, ramps, tunnels, weaving, and the catapult... umm, what is the technical term... oh yeah, see-saw.  The judges usually deduct points for his bulldozer approach to jumps, off course wandering, and occasional poops.  Seriously, no clue how he got the 1st place ribbon... someone may need to call security. 


To keep the alien population in check. #AVP

Whoever wins... we lose

For the non AVP fans out there, this guy was inspired by #alienvspredator. The 3 red laser dots indicate a predator has his sights focused on the soon to be terminated alien's skull. Yes, those are droplets of drool on the alien's chin. Really happy with the way he turned out. Totally worth 3 hours at the torch. A video of the detail is available to view on instagram @designsbyheathersellers.


Five Reasons to Join a Bowling League... pssh, as if you need a reason!  

1. Opportunity to kick your friends butts in a competitive venue.  Who doesn't love that?  A darn fool, that's who!

2.  Get Fit!  Most people assume there is no health benefit to bowling.  Actually bowling can help a person gain balance, coordination, and motor skills.  Boring!  Next reason...

3.  Fun!  Pretty sure we covered the fun factor in reason 1, however you can also laugh at your friends while bowling... I mean "with" your friends, eat pizza, and try on smelly shoes while worrying about ending up with some funky toe fungus.  Win, win, win!

4.  Making new friends and meeting new people!  Good thing too, you will need this opportunity to make new friends after your old ones find out how awesome you are at bowling a perfect game.  #sorelosers

5.  $$$  Just think of the sponsorship moola that will come your way!?  The professional endorsements are yours for the taking.  Granted, you will have to commit your life to bowling, train 24-7 and lug around a heavy ball.  Totally worth it to be known as a Proballer!

Frog Pendant

This little guy has a lovely silver bail from Amanda Muddimer at https://mangobeads.co.uk/.  The perfect finishing touch to secure the pendant. 

Frankly my Dear...

My favorite quote from the classic movie Gone with the Stream. In which a fiery, spoiled Southern otter is entangled in hopeless love for a roguish river rat. The war over water and irrigation rights will forever change her way of life. A sweeping story of passion and courage with unforgettable characters!