Soda Lime Times - July 2016

Hope you are having a wonderful Summer.  If you are looking for some fun fish themed projects, check out the July issue of Soda Lime Times. The featured artist is none other than the immensely talented Deb Crowley.  Looking forward to exploring tutorials by Diane Woodall and Corina Tettinger.  Goldie will be making her tutorial debut.  Enjoy!

"Goldie" look-a-like tutorial in the July Issue

Lucky Goldfish

The enamel detail is extremely small. To give you an idea of size, the beads measure 15mm in diameter x 15mm long. The picture continues around bead's surface with the fish swimming towards tiny flakes of food.

The Cat's Meow

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of serving as the MAC assistant for Margaret Zinser.  She is an incredible artist and instructor.  I would highly recommend her classes and workshops if you are ever able to attend.  Students learned the importance of practicing techniques and developing their own creative voice.  It was truly inspirational to watch Margaret share her prolific knowledge.  Upon returning home, I pulled some old sketches and started the process of redesigning to incorporate enamels.  Enjoy!

Maisie Sue, Woodturning Guinea Pig

The buzz of the lathe can be heard from outside the workshop door.  Hard at work, Maisie Sue is turning a new veggie bowl.  The shavings fly through the air, but Maisie Sue’s trusty safety glasses shield her eyes.  Safety first!  But don't worry, treats are a close second place. 

This collaborative piece was made by Judy Ditmer and yours truly.  Judy is a master woodturner and skilled craftswoman.  It was an honor to participate in the project.    This little sculpture will be available at the American Association of Woodturner's symposium this week, to benefit the AAW and Beads of Courage.
Photographs courtesy of Judy Ditmer.

Lime Zest

Fresh and tangy!  Some matched pairs for the studio's Beads of Courage donation box.  The perfect size for Carry a Bead pins.  Enjoy!


Nothing says "dapper" like a guinea pig wearing his hair slicked back with pomade, sporting a bowler hat and stylish monocle.  Now he just needs to remember where he misplaced his carrot pistol...

Oopsie, wrong Mugsy!

War Paint

Red symbolized war, strength and power.  White was a symbol of mourning, but could also represent peace.  Blue symbolized wisdom and confidence.  When I see the wild horses grazing along the Salt River, I wonder if their bloodlines trace back to the war horses of old.  A time long past, when bald eagles soared over the rocky banks and the loyal companions carried brave warriors into battle. 

Walk the Plank

Another bead placed in the donation box for the Beads of Courage program.  Argh!  Join me in the bead mutiny me hearties!

Gone Tubing

Last Summer, I discovered my life's passion...  Tubing. 
Floating down the river without a care in the world.  Fish nibbling at my toes.  Soaking up the sun while slathered in SPF 110 sunscreen.  The adrenaline rush of spotting a snake stick in the water.  Imagine the exhilaration of riding the rapids while friends try to pelt each other with wet jumbo marshmallows.  One hasn't lived life until they have felt the soft mush of a river-soaked mallow bean them upside the head.  I'm currently in the process of finding sponsors to financially back my professional tubing career.... kind of like Nascar, but with sponsorship stickers on my tube, sunhat, sunglasses, and swimsuit.  Wish me luck!
 Mint anyone?

Fresh Squeeeee-zed

Meet Carmen... not to be confused with the famous Brazilian singer, Broadway actress from the 20's & 30's. Nope, this Carmen doesn't need a stage to preform. She has a flare for belting out high pitch weeps on cue, just open the crisper drawer... on key or off, whatever gets her a treat!

Cerura vinula No. 2 - Display Complete

"Hey lady, if you let me out of here I promise to not disseminate airborne formic acid on you and stop eating the lovely shrubery in the garden.... pretty please???"

Soda Lime Times: June 2016

The June issue of Soda Lime Times focuses on the theme of Summer.  The featured artist is the talented Angelika Kaufmann.  It is a great opportunity to see how she makes her colorful beads and learn how to incorporate the techniques into your own designs.  Also included are tutorials by Terry Hale, Diane Woodall, and myself.  Enjoy!

Taming the Dragon

Second attempt at the Cerura vinula design pictured above.

Confession:  Creating a new sculptural design is always a learning process.  Even after 11 years at the torch, I find some designs extremely challenging.  During the torching process, mistakes occur when I hit the proverbial wall.  
The heat...
the challenge... 
minutes ticking away...
pure exhaustion of the mind and hands...
the breaking point when one chooses to continue or surrender to the beckon of the quenching bowl. 
Three hours into the first torch session for the design, I forgot to add the layered dots on the caterpillar's side.  Truth be told, I am my worst critic.  After the initial attempt, I reassess the approach, reorder the steps, tighten the techniques, adjust the proportions, rethink the glass color choices, and reassure myself that I can do better next time. 

The first attempt pictured above. 

Seed Spitting Contest

It is heating up and a slice of cold watermelon sounds mighty tasty right about now.  The first place winner of the seed spitting contest at the county fair goes to Ruggles with a distance of 2ft 3in.  It takes quite a pucker to generate such distance for a guinea pig.  Enjoy!

Stack of Flapjacks

What is it that makes Wolverine so HOT???  Is it the claws or the hair... chest hair of course.  Maybe it is the Canadian lumberjack thing he has going for him?  Any who, break out the plaid shirt and enjoy a stack of steamy flapjack.  Recipe link from the Food Network: 

Fruit Bat


Summer Fling

Why do Summer romances fade?  Maybe because the conversation was one sided... or maybe one partner prefers pineapple shaved ice over coconut flavor.  One thing is for sure, the relationship was never the same after a sporty, beach volleyball entered the picture.  C'est la vie!