Fond Farewell to the Summer

The temperature is beginning to drop and Snowbirds are arriving in Arizona.  I will save the Snowbird rant for another day.  Time to say goodbye to the swimsuit season with a moment of silence...  #gnomenips #spf120 #poolpartyshowstopper #pastyandproud #gnomemoobs

Last Chance

In 2017, I will be transitioning to teaching Workshops only. If you have wanted to take the weekly Tuesday night class at Mesa Arts Center, but put it off for one reason or another, this is your chance. The final class starts October 25th and runs through December 6th. 
 Sign up online or by phone: (480) 644-6520

Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Quetzal, Yellow Brick Road, Painted Hills

Quetzal is a true turquoise blue.  A darker, more color-rich version of Celadon.  Admittedly, I am excited about this new color addition.  The forgiving nature of the glass did not require a perfectly balance flame to stay clean and crisp in color, unlike other turquoise glass.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing. 

Pictured above from left to right:  Painted Hills, Yellow Brick Road, Toto, Garnet, and Emperor.

Painted Hills is a warm vanilla color.  Initially, the glass is milky white when heated, but the soft golden yellow tone begins to bloom as the glass cools.  A beautiful addition to the CiM family.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing. 

Yellow Brick Road is a golden kissed Dijon.  The color is a more subtle tone of Honey Mustard.  When initially introduced to the flame, the glass is extremely milky in color.  During the heating/cooling process of working the glass, the golden tones begin to bloom.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing. 

Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Class M Planet, Denim, Mockingbird, Splash, Halong Bay

Pictured above from left to right: 
Class M Planet, Denim, Mockingbird, Splash, and Halong Bay.

Class M Planet is an exciting new addition to the CiM family.  This blue version of Canyon de Chelly exhibits an assortment of lovely tones including moody denim, soft French blue, and mossy green.  Definitely on my "must have" list.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.

Denim is a transparent backpack blue.  The color exhibits the perfect color of denim blue with a nice balance of gray, but without any green.  No shocking occurred during testing.  Light bubbling/fizzing occurred, but quickly corrected itself.  (Pictured above in the comparison photo.)

Mockingbird would best be described as a soft gray otter in color.  The transparent color is akin to CiM's opaque Nimbus in hue and saturation.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.  (Center bead, pictured in comparison photo.)

Splash is a pale periwinkle with a hint of sapphire.  The lovely transparent glass is in the same tonal family as Halong Bay.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.

Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Aloha, Elf, Blue Arrow Frog, Prairie Grass, Garnet

Koi Cabochon features Aloha, Elf, and Blue Arrow Frog.
Aloha is a vibrant tropical blue.  The slightly darker than turquoise Fremen, the opaque color reminds me of a spring Bluebird.  The glass was easy to mold.  No shocking, bubbling or color distortion occurred during testing.  (Turquoise accent color in the Koi cabochon pictured above.)

Elf is a cheery, Holiday green.  A darker version of CiM's new Pixie, the glass is shaped with ease.  With extended working, only slight gloss streaking occurred.  No bubbling.   Minor shocking occurred during testing which can be avoided by pre-warming rods. (Elf is featured as the lily pad detail in the Koi cabochon.  Pictured above.)

Blue Arrow Frog is a deep, lapis blue.  The rich opaque color is darker than Ming and more on par with the vibrate color of Royal.  A nice addition for a variety of projects and designs.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing. (Blue background color for the koi cabochon pictured above.)

Ogre Toe set features Prairie Grass, Garnet accent rounds.

Garnet is a dark, berry-stained red.  The glass easily strikes with little effort.  The rich color blooms into a saturated blood red.  From Valentine's Day to Halloween, this glass is perfect for fun Holiday designs throughout the entire year. Counting the days until the release date! (Accent rounds in the Ogre Toe bead set.)

Prairie Grass is a happy, citrus green. Akin to Elphaba this color is not streaky with extensive gloss striations.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.  (Main color in the Ogre's Toe bead.)

Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Blarney Stone, Pixie, Spearmint, Dragon, Envy

Pictured from left to right:  Blarney Stone, Pixie, Spearmint, Dragon, and Envy.


Blarney Stone is a vibrant grass green.  The glass was easy to shape and mold.  Unlike other heavily pigmented greens, the glass did not fizz uncontrollably during testing, even with prolonged flame exposure.  An envious color addition to the CiM palette.  No shocking occurred. 
Pixie is a bright alligator green.  The elfish color addition nicely fills the color transition from green to green-blue in the CiM palette.  No bubbling.  Very minor shocking occurred during testing.  (See comparison photo above)

Dragon a blushed avocado green.  The baring many similarities to Ogre, but with a more intense saturation of sage green.  Easy to shape and extremely forgiving.  No bubbling or shocking occurred during testing.  (See comparison photo above)

Envy is a close cousin to Emerald City.  This new color has a slightly grassy hue.  The glass molds with ease and flows surprisingly well for being a transparent.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.  

Spearmint is a refreshing minty blue.  The color addition spans the gap between Kryptonite and Mint Lozenge.  The glass is a dream to shape and mold.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing. 

Pig in a Blanket

Time for tip-toeing and whispers.  A note is posted outside the front door for the FedEx guy, "Naptime:  leave the package, please do not ring the bell."  Nothing is to disturb the angel baby's dreams of green beans and parsley. 


Finished creating a few accessories for Absolem's display. 
I would just like to clarify, he does NOT have a hookah pipe... it is a special breathing treatment for chronic asthma.  Poor little guy sleeps with the windows closed and a humidifier running on high.
Kooter traveled through the rabbit hole to visit Wonderland.  Who knew he would become a very wise caterpillar who gives helpful advice?

Twitch the Troll

WARNING: Post may contain explicit Troll Content (NSFW)

 One of life's great troll quandaries, why bother to put on clothes when you live under a bridge? Meet Twitch the Troll. During the week, he works for the NY Port Authority monitoring E-ZPass violators along the Staten Island Bridge. This tough as nails troll has a softer side and I'm not talking about his hair. On the weekends, Twitch enjoys riddles, the Sunday crossword puzzle and lounging with his 3 cats. #gingertroll

Gargoyle Training

Don't let his wrinkles fool you, Garth is less than 300 years old... a young age for a gargoyle.  He hopes to someday join the famous gargoyles throughout history and permanently perch atop of a 12 century cathedral.  But first Garth needs to develop his mean face, practice holding still for long periods of time, and move with stealth when no one is watching... kind of like the Queen's Royal Guard, but without the puffy hat.  Who better to train him than the gargoyle greats?  #meanface
Mel, Roz, and Bosco taught "Perching 101: Overcoming Fear of Heights"
(Bosco is a bit camera shy)
 Snack time with Arnie and Guy 

 Striking a pose with Roy

Contemplating life's mysteries with Vlad
Shrill scream training with crazy Uncle Stan

Last but not least, Bucky taught the appropriate times to display fangs, claws, and bellybuttons for tourists' photos.

Laughter, the ultimate medicine

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed?  Just hop on over to Instagram and check out OddBoz.  The daily posts are chock-full of fluffy feline wit.  The display and bead is a gift for Boz's main squeeze, along with a second Boz inspired bead which will be donated for auction/sale to Bosworth's favorite charity or rescue.  #stevethespider #oddboz #heterochromia #oddeye #boz #ilovemycat #rescuecat


Looking for a longterm relationship: Don't let the rough exterior fool you, Frankie is as huggable as a patchwork quilt... stitched with love. A monster of few words, he enjoys long evening walks through the town square, playing golf during lightening storms, and tinkering in the workshop. Greatest fears: pitchforks, torches, and not finding true love.

Nocturnal Struggle

Ever had a friend who stays up all night.  Just hanging around, catching bugs...  then in the morning they complain about the puffy bags and dark rings under their eyes.  The struggle is real.  #dontjudge #nocturnalstruggle

Dracula Guinea Pig

Forget about type O-Positive, V-8 is more his style. The unsuspecting pumpkin stands no chance against this wile predator. 

Soda Lime Times - October 2016

Are you signed up to receive the latest issue of Soda Lime Times?  October's issue focuses on unusual shapes including some super quick hearts for the Beads of Courage program.  Personally, I enjoy keeping a few extra in the studio for visitors to string as a keepsake for stopping by.  Enjoy!


The Mesa Arts Center Season Kickoff focused on literary themes.  I attempted to demonstrate sculptural work inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  It was a fun night filled with talented friends who love art and our community. 

Season Kickoff

Music, dancing, and literary inspired glass demos... not all at the same time.

Class Project - August 23 & August 30

The last 2 weeks, students have focused on a project which involves a variety of techniques.  During Week 1, the lesson covered copper mesh, encasing, shaping, flame enameling, and layered dots.  The real fun came on Week 2 when students began to uncover the bead's core detail through cold working and create a highly polished window.  Enjoy!

Color Therapy

If you’ve yet to try coloring as a relaxation technique, Sabastian highly recommends the de-stressing effect.  Attached is a free printable page designed by yours truly.  Sharpen those dull pencils and give it a go!
or you can always check online for free, downloadable color pages...

Heart Pants

... not to be confused with hot pants.  A donation for Beads of Courage. 
#beadstrong #beadsofcourage #artsinmedicine

Five Fish

 A super quick post of beads from the weekend.  The set feature an array of colorful fish.  Mixing up color combinations is a great way to observe reactions in the glass.  The spacers were made from EDP with a sprinkle of raku frit.  A fun addition to a silly design.  Enjoy!


A wise person once said, "Always be yourself, unless you can be a Narwhal.  Then always be a Narwhal."  Truly words to live by. #SeaUnicorn 

Good Morning Sunshine!

Hopefully you awoke to a new issue of Soda Lime Times or maybe you waited up for it's midnight release.  Either way, this issue is a generous 77 pages of all things non-beady.  The super talented Amanda Muddimer is the featured artist, so you know it is going to be a fun issue with great eye candy for all!  I personally hope you enjoy the "Dive into Glass" paperweight.  Happy melting!

Fall 2016 Classes

Helping you become the Superhero in your personal Glass Adventure! The class syllabus for Fall 2016 is complete. We will be covering a variety of techniques and projects including: Coldworking, New Tips for Double Helix, Fine Tuning Dots and Stringer, New Halloween Designs, Fixing Mistakes: Saving Beads from Death by Quench Bowl... *sizzle*, and much more. Join me in fine tuning your superpower of taming molten glass!  

Note: Heat vision not required... we have torches for that.

A look back through filters

When life gets busy and the torch sits idle, I like to take a moment to look back at past work.  It helps me reassess goals, reflect on passion, and redirect focus for the future.  Many times, I clear off the studio design board and venture down a different path. 

You asked for it...

Here is a sneak preview of the 2017 Limited Edition Wall Calendar, Mouse Guinea Pig Pad, 2017 Desk Calendar, and "Start the Morning off right" Mug.  Which is your favorite?

The Whimsy of Jackie Gundelfinger

Beautiful murrini by Jackie Gundelfinger. A fantastic treat in a gift packet for students enrolled in the upcoming workshop I'm teaching at Mesa Arts Center. Truly miniature works of art. 

Hot Stuff

Requests keep coming to create a guinea pig calendar, I realized one thing... the project would need major "smolder". What better way to turn up the heat than with a hunky firefighter!? Did someone call 911?