Fresh Squeezed!

Need a little more zest in your life? Well if you aren't into the latest album by Beyonce, try the old school version of lemonade. Pucker-up buttercup!

Spolied isn't always a bad thing!

Finishing tags and boxing up door prizes for the workshop. Students should come with extra space in their luggage to haul their fabulous loot home.  The workshop booklets are coming together nicely.  Seven days and counting!


Butterfly Snaps

Butterfly Snaps featuring Jackie Gundelfinger's amazing murrini. The snaps will be available to purchase in the fundraising area @ the ISGB Gathering.  Stop by her facebook page to order her wonderful murrini to add a bit of flash to your next flamework project. 

Meet My Significant Otter

My studio is overwhelmed with over 50 otters.  Hope to see you at the Gathering!

Seal of Approval

For those days when you need a little positive reinforcement. 

Snail Racing

The secret side of snail racing was recently exposed on the local evening news.  A gumshoe reporter had to dig deep in order to locate the smoke-filled, back alley parlor which doubled as the illegal race venue.  Shifty patrons placed their cash bets, then kept to themselves as the races began.  From a shadowy corner the announcer declared, "Ready, steady, go!"  With a sudden lurch forward, the snails left only a faint slime trail in their wake.  Who knows, this might be your lucky day if you doubled down on red.

Bawk Bawk!

Ever wonder where Easter eggs come from?  Push aside the preposterous idea of purple speckled chickens popping out eggs onto a conveyer belt, all while being handfed jelly beans, gummy worms, and Belgium chocolate. Nope, time to put on your big girl pants and face the truth.  Say hello to Easter Bonnie **bawk, bawk** 

Snap Charms

Have you tried Patty Lakinsmith's Snap Charms??? I will warn you now, they are extremely fun to make and very addicting. I have had the pleasure of creating some donation items for the Gathering's Fundraising area. The system comes with detailed instructions and is available to purchase here:

Trade Beads

Creating trade beads for the Gathering. Sadly, I do not plan to stay for the day of trade, however I will have them with me on Friday. So if you see me, stop and say hi. I would otterly adore meeting you!

Writer's Block

It happens to every writer.  The inevitable condition in which an author experiences a creative block.  Words no longer flow forth and the writing process comes to a stand still.  When this occurs, Sugar implements a self imposed time-out away from the typewriter. 

Lifeguard on Duty

The temperature hit a whopping 85'F this past Friday.  Soon it will be time for the 3 B's...  Beach Balls, Babes in Bikinis, and Bikram Yoga.  Ok, maybe the last "B" is a bit of a stretch.  Get it?...  Stretch?!  Hope you have a nice #SundayPunday.

Glass Knuckles

Appropriate for punching life in the face   Please note, no one was harmed in the making of this post. He is actually quite friendly and a bit chatty in social situations.

Pucker Up!

Silvester "Smooches" Valentine is the Guinea's World Record holder for the most kisses given in 1 hour.  He plans to top his current record of 6,714 kisses and make a little extra spending cash on the side.  Wish him luck and pucker up!  Just a side note, lip balm isn't included with the purchase.  The line starts to the right and is single file.  No pushing, cutting, or lingering.

Floating Along

Lover boy is daydreaming of gift ideas for his Valentine.  He even has heart shaped pads on his feet.  What a true romantic!

Love is in the air

Tomorrow is February 1st... do you know what that means??? 
14 days until Cupig's favorite day of the year.  He has spent the last 11 months penning romantic valentines, spritzed with cologne... not going to lie, it smells like Old Spice up in here.  Fluent in the language of love, this skilled matchmaker also fancies himself a novice chocolatier.  Here are a few excerpts from his love letters: 
"I love you with all of my butt, it's bigger than my heart"
Or how about this romantic line: 
"Thanks for loving me even though I don't shave my legs as often as you might like."
A window into his soul:
"Once in a while someone wonderful comes along and makes Valentine's Day not suck...
you're welcome."
His loving, yet honest side:
"I lie awake at night wondering how I got so lucky (and also because you snore)."
My personal favorite: 
"If there was a zombie apocalypse tomorrow, I would kill you last."

Call for Beadmakers

Beads on the Trail 2017 is just around the corner. They need a total of 77 sets to be carried for Beads of Courage during the 2017 Iditarod. Each bead set needs to contains 5 beads. Even if you just donated 1 set, we can get to the end goal together. It is super easy to sign up and participate. Please join me in firing up the torches:

Snack time with Koala

Just a quick reminder to pack a healthy snack for work.  Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Meet Jack

Jack is a fun loving donkey who enjoys T.V. classics like Hee Haw, Knight Rider and the Golden Girls. I mean who doesn't like a little Bea Aurthur and Betty White every now and then? A darn fool, that's who!


Bubbles is making good use of the rain this morning. Now if only he had someone to help him scrub behind his ears. The lovely and quite fitting color is CiM's Pachyderm. Enjoy!

Exploring Flamework Cabochons

Cabochon options for flameworkers have changed considerably since my original post back in February of 2012.  Here is an update to help navigate the world of cabochon systems and tool suppliers.

Changeable Systems for the Artist who enjoys Options:
Mango Beads

Flat-back Cabochon Mandrels:
Arrow Springs

Cabochon Mandrels with a Nub (yes, nub or nubbin are incredibly technical terms):
Zooziis (available in a variety of shapes)

Snap Cabochon System by Patty Lakinsmith:

Cabochon Molds:
CG Beads


Game Night with Chewy

Break out the holographic chess and popcorn!  It's game night with Chewbacca.  Please strictly follow the rules to insure maximum family fun and avoid loss of limbs.  Most importantly, remember to always: "Let the Wookie win!"

Harry Otter

Harry, a wand wielding otter, has donned his favorite scarf and bottle cap glasses for a magical adventure!  His goal is to bring a smile to a special child participating in the Beads of Courage program.  #beadstrong #beadsofcourage #weareallconnected #heartwarrior #childhoodcancer

Feeling lighter already...

Skeeter's New Year's Resolution involves twine, helium balloons, and loosing a few lb's.  Not going to lie, the corduroy slacks are quite snug after slaying one too many Holiday veggie trays at the office Christmas party.  Hope you have a Happy New Year!!! 

Helium and String

One day young hippo had a wish,
Not to swim like a silly fish.
He wanted to learn how to fly,
And soar into the wild, blue sky.
His lifelong goal would be granted soon.
For hippo found a bright red balloon.
With the help of some helium and a string,
Hippo accomplished his flying dream.
So little hippos, what lesson has been taught?
Yes, it is important to tie a good knot...
But with some help from helium and string,
Hippos can accomplish magical things.
-Heather M. Sellers