Back at it...

It has been awhile since I sat at the torch.  To be completely honest, life has been busy over the past 1 1/2 years.  Things change, people assess their circumstances and hard decisions sometimes need to be made to move forward.  I found the strength to do just that for my own happiness.  The road has been rough and I'm in no way in a position of things being easy.  I have been greatly blessed with a strong work ethic and drive to rebuild my life into something joyful.  Thank you for being patient on my return to the torch.  My hours here are limited, however my hands haven't forgotten how to sculpt molten glass. 

Harvest Time Again

Feel free to contact me via facebook for dibs on a new pumpkin paperweight.

Monarchs in the Moonlight

Comes on a 16 inch sterling silver chain.  
Hands down, the best monarch encased bead that has come out of my studio.  
I will be sad to see him go.  Enjoy!

Reclaimed Brass

A simple design to freshen up a brass fixture.  Features soft ivory, gray, and 24kt gold. 

Meet My Significant Otter

Some may say that he needs to shave his bushy mustache, however I disagree.  #whiskerkisses 

I'm Late

Happy Monday!  Revisiting some previous designs but with a new take on the original idea.  This Alice inspired totem features a topsy-turvy tophat, flamingo, heart, pocket watch and toad stool.  The bright components just make me smile.

Free Hugs

Things a bit hectic around the Holidays?  Need a hug?  Well here you go! Always looking to give a comforting squeeze, the facehugger is happy to accommodate all of your hugging needs.

Merry Cherries

10 days until Christmas... where has the time gone???  These merry cherries feature CiM Garnet fruit, CiM Toto stems and new CiM Mantis for the leaf.  Hope you have a very cherry Christmas! 

Poison Apple Swirls

Finishing off the last few colors for CiM testing. This one is new Poison Apple Transparent. The muted purple stripe is CiM Midnight. Liking the color combination. Enjoy!

Knick Knack Patty Wack

A simple, straight forward tube bead with clean stripes.  The left side is CiM Troi and the right side is CiM Little Boy Blue.  The color bands are separated with crisp white, periwinkle and gray stringer work.  Enjoy!

Maiden of the Mist

Fresh from the kiln!  A lovely long smooth bi-cone featuring new CiM Cerulean.  Enjoy!


Hobnail style fan pull featuring new CiM Egg White. Fans deserve fancy things too!

Clowning Around

The little clown fish is hanging out in coral created from new CiM Wisteria and a light dusting of enamels.  He seems right at home swimming in the ocean of color.  Enjoy!

Tasty Treat

It is about to get REAL up in here - so get comfortable and grab a drink to spit all over the computer keyboard... seriously, don't say I didn't warn you!  

Fact:  My rescue kitten recently ate then later successfully pooped out a pony tail elastic.
((Apparently Scunci makes a mighty tasty hair accessory aka cat treat.))
My reaction???  Well you know that look a person gets after seeing something that cannot be unseen?  The look is often followed by speechlessness or shocking exclamation like, "what the cuss!"  Then one eyeball begins to twitch in an uncontrollable spasm... followed by an instant migraine that may or may not be a fatal aneurysm from blood vessels on your brain exploding?  So yeah... that happened.  Needless to say, all hair elastics have been removed from our home.  #diariesofarescuemom #kittenthuglife  #whatsinyourcat'spoopershoot? #litterboxconfessions

Hope you have a Rad-ish Monday!

Happy Monday... yes, it's Monday. I triple fact checked. Here is a radish to celebrate. Don't make it awkward by attempting to offer me a Monday gift in return. You cannot one up the radish, it is just that great of a gift so don't even try. What's the radish good for you ask??? Nothing, it is nonfunctional... just sits there and looks like a radish. Yes, I know... best Monday ever. You're welcome!

Revisiting Boysenberry

This weekend, I revisited Boysenberry Ltd.  The lush journey was a great reminder of how this CiM berry color is incredibly versatile.
The glass holds edges through repeated heating and flame polishing.  The rich, juicy color perfectly sets the stage for vibrant enameling and a glint of 24kt gold.  Definitely on my list of top 10 favorite CiM Purples:

CiM Wisteria
CiM African Violet
CiM Evil Queen
CiM Eggplant 
CiM Aladdin
CiM Boysenberry
CiM Thai Orchid
CiM Enchanted
CiM Heffalump
CiM Your Majesty

Metamorphosis No. 6

Before moving to Arizona, my fence was enveloped by climbing milkweed called Honeyvine. The hungry caterpillars would munch and munch and munch until an amazing metamorphosis occurred. I would check on them daily until the Monarchs emerged from their chrysalis and spread their delicate wings. A treasured memory that inspires me to this day.


Grateful for the daily gift of eyesight and hands which allow me to sculpt glass.  Not many people are aware, but I experienced a horrible eye injury this past year. Everything is good now, however a few millimeters and things would have been very different. What are you thankful for?

A little sparkle? Yes, please!

Meet CiM's new color Elixir Sparkle.  The ribbed bead was made with repeated heating/tooling... oh my, pure caramel apple goodness!  On the bottom left, one can see the same glass used to create a quick bead, no repeated heating/tooling just a quick flamepolish.  The top right bead shows the same base color with a clear encasement to showcase the sparkle.   All of this from 1 rod... amazing!!!

New CiM Colors: Testing in Progress

Testing for CiM is one of my favorite things.  Often, I find my mind wandering to organization projects which involve increasing storage for glass... yikes!  It is definitely an issue faced by most flameworkers... how to squeeze more glass into a space.  Where is an elusive shrink ray when you need one!?  Seriously scientists, we are knocking on 2019.  Snap, snap... get with it already!

 (Porpoise, Bayou, Little Boy Blue, Troi, Weeping Willow)

 (Peace, Peppermint Cream, Egg White, Lemonade, Baked Alaska)

(Tahitian Pearl, Eden, Your Majesty, Amethyst, Wisteria)

Tahitian Pearl

Loving this new color from Creation is Messy, aptly named Tahitian Pearl.

When in Rome...

Did you know that in ancient Rome, wealthy women bought vials of gladiator sweat and dirt??? They would use it as face cream... yuck. Probably going to stick with my boring daily regimen.

Be Mine!

February is just around the corner, time to think about Valentine's Day!  Yes, maybe I'm a little ahead of myself on this one, but one can never have too many hugs... face hugs that is.  Another way to show that special someone you care.  #alienvspredator #facehugger #freehug

Out of My Gourd - The Perfect Pout

Pouty McPlumperson's bottom lip is on display 24-7.  He adamantly refuses to wear dentures.  Instead, the stubborn pumpkin enjoys gumming saltwater taffy while sharing old-timey stories of growing up in the Ozarks, listening to dueling banjos and reminiscing of days long past when he still had a full set of chompers.  
The ornery coot is available through the pumpkin relocation program (dentures included).  Full disclosure, that is not the trill wind you hear blowing through the trees... he speaks with a pronounced whistle.  Also note, due to a narrowed airway, Pouty requires a CPAP machine for sleeping.  If considering adoption, please be prepared for a shrill *whistle---hum---whistle---hum* to gently lull you to sleep at night.  Some say the sound is more soothing than nails down a chalkboard or the yowl of a cat in heat. 

Hunt & Peck

Percy is a scifi-romance writer who enjoys spicing things up with a sprinkling of slapstick comedy.  Bordering on the absurd, the novels have a loyal cult following in Norway and British Columbia.  His hunt and peck approach to typing is painfully slow, so publishers give him a standard 2 year extension on final submissions.  Be looking for his next novel to hit the stands in 2020ish.  Curious about the title?  Invasion of the Beak Snatchers:  You've Picked the Wrong Nesting Grounds. 

Out of My Gourd - Ankle Biters

The smell of decay hangs heavy in the musty Autumn air.  Every pumpkin farmer's worst nightmare has become reality.  A hard freeze followed by unseasonably warm weather means only one thing... zombie pumpkins!  The compost pile begins to team with rotten carcasses.  A disgusting, rancid aroma invites vermin and flies to congregate.  This is the dark side of pumpkin patches, kept well hidden from the corn maze and apple cider scene.  Can you imagine the public panic if word got out?  Sales of pumpkin scented candles would tank.  #Pumpkinspice would no longer fill shoppers with warm nostalgia, but now become the new apocalyptic warning hashtag.  Forget harvest hay rides and pie eating contests...  NO way, NO how!  Ok, maybe pie, but only if I had a spotter to keep an eye out for zombiekins.  I would also prefer a spotter who ran slower than me.  Taking applications now.

Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Peppermint Cream, Egg White, Lemonade, Baked Alaska

(Left to Right:  Peace, Peppermint Cream, Egg White, Lemonade, and Baked Alaska)

Peppermint Cream is a soft, muted verdant linen.  The color looks to fall between Muskmelon and Dirty Martini in the CiM family.  The color could easily be mistaken for a neutral since the hue extremely subtle in nature.  The longer the glass is worked in the flame, the more muted the color becomes.  Easily molded and keeps a nice crisp edge through the heating process.  Fantastic for sculpture and holding detail.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing. 

Egg White is a lemon cream opal.  The glass is very similar in color to CiM Lemonade, however not as transparent.  During the heating process, the glass appears to be striking yellow, however do not let the butterscotch color fool you.  Once annealed, the lovely color of Egg White reappears.  On a unique note, when a transparent encasement or lens is layered on Egg White, the glass appears to sparkle from within.  I believe it to be the magnification of minute bubbles in Egg White.  Still, this is an unexpected, eye catching effect.  No shocking or hazing occurred during testing. 

Lemonade is a zesty new transparent glass.  The fresh color is a welcome addition to the CiM line.  True to the name, the color is quite a match for lemonade.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing. 

Baked Alaska is a cupid kissed buttercream.  The color can range from light cream to a golden custard with a hint of blush.  The glass is perfect for a variety of projects from nature inspired sculptures to the silly spectrum.  Looking forward to adding this color to my studio supply.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.