Alien Ray Gun

Confiscated this last night...  initially, the aliens claimed it was a lunar hairdryer.  I questioned their honesty upon noticing the "stun" setting.  Of course they insisted it was a grooming device which they used on cats... something having to do with a Martian Makeover!

Blasting Off

4, 3, 2, 1
Earth below us drifting, falling
Floating weightless, calling, calling home.
-Major Tom by Peter Schilling

 Love the remake by Shiny Toy Guns:

Late Night Snack

While the cat is away, the mice will play.  Here we have the little guy caught in the act.  I'm guessing Swiss is his treat of choice.  What is your favorite type of cheese?

Tiny Panda

Hoping this will bring a smile to a courageous kid through Beads of Courage. 

Cherry Blossom

Japan's lovely cherry blossoms begin to bloom in April. The flowers are the fabric inspiration for the recent Kimono doll.

Monarch Emerging

The glass chrysalis is slightly larger than 1:1 scale.  Very happy with how the focal turned out.  Definitely a conversation piece.  Enjoy!

Metamorphosis No. 4

Before moving to Arizona, our fence was enveloped by climbing milkweed called Honeyvine. The hungry caterpillars would munch and munch and munch until an amazing metamorphosis occurred. I treasure the sweet memories of watching my children's reaction to the butterflies spreading their newly formed wings.

Studio Romance...

Soooo Awkward!!! Walked into the studio and found this... getting the weird feeling that I was interupting something.

Blitz the Guinea Pig

Early this morning, Blitz decide to slip on the pumpkin suit and head to the garden.  The disguise didn't work... for heaven sake, pumpkins don't have ears!  As for now, the lettuce and carrots are safe.  Maybe next time he should go with the camouflage? 

Ahoy Matey, It's Piggy Mutiny!!!

 Shiver me timbers!  Th' scurvy piggy-pirate be ready fer an adventure on th' seven seas...
or maybe he is gearing up for "Talk like a Pirate Day" on September 19th.  Either way, he looks beyond cute in the little pirate hat!

Dressing up Pets...

When reading an online article, half of the fun is skipping ahead to the comment section.  Some people are hilarious, others brutally honest; some individuals need a filter, while others need to cut back on their caffeine intake.  Here are a few replies to the AskYahoo question: "Why do people dress their pets in costumes?"

--"Because their life is so boring and pointless and they have nothing more fun to do with themselves. So, they spend hours finding and or making clothes for their pets (WHO ALREADY HAVE WARM FUR AND LOOK "CUTE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!)..."

--"I know my puppy wouldn't tolerate one but there are some really cute ones out there. I saw a yoda one that was so funny - my husband and I both laughed so hard. I don't see any harm in it unless it's uncomfortable or restrictive."

--"Maybe it's because the pets like prancin' around in animal costumes."

--"Maybe they live in a cold environment?"

--"People love their pets so much, they would do things that they think is good for their pets."  

--"People are weird like that!"

--"Becas it's cute like you wode no dume."

Reading the vastly intelligent comments has taught me a few things:
1.  I'm bored, weird and apparently have way too much time on my hands.
2.  Outfits are completely acceptable, unless they are uncomfortable or restrictive, especially in the case of yoda outfits.
3.  My pet actually likes prancing in costumes (even though the look on his face tells me otherwise).
5.  If I ever have the pleasure to visit a cold weather climate, I will see a plethora of pets in costume.
6.  Costumes = Love
7.  Apparently, I have been spelling the following words incorrectly:  because, would, dummy

A special thanks to AskYahoo users for the laughs.

Lucky Zombie's Toe No.2

More lucky than the cliché rabbit's foot.  Also, the perfect gift to tell that special someone, "Hey, time to schedule a pedicure."  Delightfully gross, if there is such a thing...  enjoy!


A variation based on the stepping stone design.  The new Effetre Avorio Lapis is the perfect blue to compliment the ocean themed color scheme.

Thimble Buddy

Do you ever find yourself feeling lonely while darning a sock, mending a hole in a pair of britches, or adding the last stitch to a log cabin quilt? I have found a solution... Thimble Buddies! It doubles as a minature shot glass when flipped over (for those of you who can't sew or hold your liquor).

Flower Power & Gasoline

Can you hear the engine sputter?  Does the powder blue bring back memories?  I'm convinced most people who grew up in 60's, 70's, or even the 80's have a Volkswagen story to tell.  Whether cruising around with friends, or watching one accidently stall at the 4-way stop in front of the high school, VW's are nostalgic. 

Stepping Stone

Doozer (Updated)

Doozer was paired with some lovely accent beads this past week.  I had the pleasure of playing with the new Avorio glass by Effetre.  The glass is very soft, when molten and presses easily in a mold.   The soft, mottled finish reminds me of stonewashed denim.  Love the accent it creates.  Enjoy!