Happy Hanukkah

A special design which has been on the studio drawing board for over a year. 
This song is dedicated to Sharon:
"Put on your yarmulke, here comes Hanukkah,
It's so much fun-akkah to celebrate Hanukkah.
Hanukkah is the festival of lights,
Instead of one day of presents,
We have eight crazy nights!" 
-Adam Sandler

Mad Beatbox Skilz

Ever wonder why you get carded when purchasing spray paint? Well wonder no more! Meet Maurice, street artist and beatbox extraordinaire. Definitely not your typical church mouse.
Stocking up on "art" supplies.

2017 Gathering

In 2017, the ISGB will be holding its annual conference in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Gathering is partnering with the Craft & Bead Expo to offer wide range of workshops and seminars to inspire attendees.  I'm honored to be named as one of the workshop instructors participating in the upcoming conference.  Registration has begun online for current ISGB members.  Visit the ISGB website for more information on registration and events:  http://www.isgb.org/

Gingerbread Zombie

 "All I want for Christmas is gelatinized brains...
I would also settle for cash... giftcards are good too."

Cleaning the Craft Room

Initially it seemed like a good idea when Chester decided to help organize the yarn.  A few minutes into the project, his feline instinct to savagely bat string kicked in...  needless to say, the game took a turn for the worse.

Knitting Fiasco

"Cast on 8 stitches, set up pattern.  Row 1 (right side):  k1, yo, knit until there are stitches left in row; p1, k1, p1.  Row 2:  p1, k1, and then purl until end of row.  Knit rows 1-2 until you have 31 stitches on your needle and you've just finished row 2 of the set-up pattern.  Transistion Row 1:  k2, kfb 24 times, k2; finish p1, k1, p1" 

Then it happens... the moment you realize the "cozy cowl" knitting tutorial is well above your skill level.  #KnittingFail #DIYdisaster #Cast-astrophy

The Great Horn-Rimmed Owl

The Great Horn-rimmed Owl inhabits bookstores and hipster coffee shops in many parts of North America.  These nocturnal avian readers enjoy a wide range of books including sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, mysteries, and collections of classic poetry. 

The Elusive Yeti

Here are some Yeti fun facts to start off your Tuesday.  Yeti Motto:  "The powder is falling, the mountains are calling."  Off the slopes, Yeti enjoy making snow angels... which look less like an angel and more like an abominable bowling ball.  They also love a rousing game of hide and go seek.  Yeti or not, here I come!

Yuletide Bandit

The Yuletide Bandit steals trash and vandalizes refuse containers during the hours of 10pm to 3am.  If you hear noise outside your home, do not try to apprehend the wily bandit.  Be safe, stay inside, and alert the local authorities.  He is also wanted for questioning in multiple cases of identity theft involving the purchase of dog food using stolen credit card numbers. 
Age: 3 years old
Height:  34 inches
Weight:  23 lbs.
Hair:  Frost-Tipped Fur
Eyes:  Beady, Black as Coal
Distinguishing Features:  Always wears a mask
Markings:  "I ❤ Garbage" tattoo
Known Alias:  Trash Panda

Behind the Mask

Packing up a few more donations for Beads of Courage.   Hope you have a wonderful weekend.   

Santa Baby

Ever wonder why Santa Claus wears a black belt?  Spoiler alert... it isn't because he's a karate master. 
As you can see, Mr. Claus has a small issue with his festive trousers.  Here's hoping he finds the missing belt before Christmas Eve!  #YuletideBumCrack #KringleMuffintop 


When experiencing difficulty getting into the glass-melting groove, it helps me to take a step back and create special Beads of Courage "dream beads".  I feel my hands are blessed with a greater measure of skill.  #beadsofcourage #beadstrong

It's that time of the year...

Don't act like you haven't a clue what I'm referring to. 'Tis the season to dress up your adorable pets in festive Holiday costumes and enjoy a good chuckle over their shame... all while drinking a spiced glass of nog. Post them if you got' em!

Reindeer Parking Only, violators will be towed

43 days until Christmas... let the carb loading begin!  A stickler for clean energy, Santa fuels his sleigh with high-quality organic, non-GMO deer feed.  Wash it down with a steamy mug of hazelnut hot chocolate topped with frothy whip cream and peppermint sprinkles.  Sooey! 
 Anyone for a snowball fight?

Brisk Wind

As a glass junky and packrat, it my self-appointed duty to add fantastic new colors to the extensive hoard of glass lying around the studio.  The color combination for Brisk Wind came to me while organizing the new shipment of Creation is Messy.  Loving the refreshingly crisp beads.

Painted Desert

On Tuesday night, the lesson covered shaping cylinders and color reactions of a variety of glass.  These are some similar beads to the design demonstrated in class.  They feature only 4 colors of glass.  Enjoy!

Road Trip

Destination: Happyville
 I have a theory that most people over the age of 30 have an epic story involving a VW.
What is yours?

Halloween Hide and Seek

This little guy was made with Donna's wonderful snowman beadroller. It one of several donation beads headed to Beads of Courage. Hope you have a happy and safe Halloween! #beadsofcourage #beadstrong

Fond Farewell to the Summer

The temperature is beginning to drop and Snowbirds are arriving in Arizona.  I will save the Snowbird rant for another day.  Time to say goodbye to the swimsuit season with a moment of silence...  #gnomenips #spf120 #poolpartyshowstopper #pastyandproud #gnomemoobs


Finished creating a few accessories for Absolem's display. 
I would just like to clarify, he does NOT have a hookah pipe... it is a special breathing treatment for chronic asthma.  Poor little guy sleeps with the windows closed and a humidifier running on high.
Kooter traveled through the rabbit hole to visit Wonderland.  Who knew he would become a very wise caterpillar who gives helpful advice?

Twitch the Troll

WARNING: Post may contain explicit Troll Content (NSFW)

 One of life's great troll quandaries, why bother to put on clothes when you live under a bridge? Meet Twitch the Troll. During the week, he works for the NY Port Authority monitoring E-ZPass violators along the Staten Island Bridge. This tough as nails troll has a softer side and I'm not talking about his hair. On the weekends, Twitch enjoys riddles, the Sunday crossword puzzle and lounging with his 3 cats. #gingertroll

Gargoyle Training

Don't let his wrinkles fool you, Garth is less than 300 years old... a young age for a gargoyle.  He hopes to someday join the famous gargoyles throughout history and permanently perch atop of a 12 century cathedral.  But first Garth needs to develop his mean face, practice holding still for long periods of time, and move with stealth when no one is watching... kind of like the Queen's Royal Guard, but without the puffy hat.  Who better to train him than the gargoyle greats?  #meanface
Mel, Roz, and Bosco taught "Perching 101: Overcoming Fear of Heights"
(Bosco is a bit camera shy)
 Snack time with Arnie and Guy 

 Striking a pose with Roy

Contemplating life's mysteries with Vlad
Shrill scream training with crazy Uncle Stan

Last but not least, Bucky taught the appropriate times to display fangs, claws, and bellybuttons for tourists' photos.

Laughter, the ultimate medicine

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed?  Just hop on over to Instagram and check out OddBoz.  The daily posts are chock-full of fluffy feline wit.  The display and bead is a gift for Boz's main squeeze, along with a second Boz inspired bead which will be donated for auction/sale to Bosworth's favorite charity or rescue.  #stevethespider #oddboz #heterochromia #oddeye #boz #ilovemycat #rescuecat


Looking for a longterm relationship: Don't let the rough exterior fool you, Frankie is as huggable as a patchwork quilt... stitched with love. A monster of few words, he enjoys long evening walks through the town square, playing golf during lightening storms, and tinkering in the workshop. Greatest fears: pitchforks, torches, and not finding true love.

Nocturnal Struggle

Ever had a friend who stays up all night.  Just hanging around, catching bugs...  then in the morning they complain about the puffy bags and dark rings under their eyes.  The struggle is real.  #dontjudge #nocturnalstruggle

Soda Lime Times - October 2016

Are you signed up to receive the latest issue of Soda Lime Times?  October's issue focuses on unusual shapes including some super quick hearts for the Beads of Courage program.  Personally, I enjoy keeping a few extra in the studio for visitors to string as a keepsake for stopping by.  Enjoy!