Bathtime with Otter

Add this to the list of things that cannot be unseen.  Initially, you will be able to push the startling image from your mind, but around 10am your thoughts will start to wander and then
Otter in the Tub! 
Yep, you're welcome. 

Snack time with Koala

Just a quick reminder to pack a healthy snack for work.  Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Meet Jack

Jack is a fun loving donkey who enjoys T.V. classics like Hee Haw, Knight Rider and the Golden Girls. I mean who doesn't like a little Bea Aurthur and Betty White every now and then? A darn fool, that's who!


Bubbles is making good use of the rain this morning. Now if only he had someone to help him scrub behind his ears. The lovely and quite fitting color is CiM's Pachyderm. Enjoy!

Exploring Flamework Cabochons

Cabochon options for flameworkers have changed considerably since my original post back in February of 2012.  Here is an update to help navigate the world of cabochon systems and tool suppliers.

Changeable Systems for the Artist who enjoys Options:
Mango Beads

Flat-back Cabochon Mandrels:
Arrow Springs

Cabochon Mandrels with a Nub (yes, nub or nubbin are incredibly technical terms):
Zooziis (available in a variety of shapes)

Cabochon Molds:
CG Beads


Game Night with Chewy

Break out the holographic chess and popcorn!  It's game night with Chewbacca.  Please strictly follow the rules to insure maximum family fun and avoid loss of limbs.  Most importantly, remember to always: "Let the Wookie win!"

Harry Otter

Harry, a wand wielding otter, has donned his favorite scarf and bottle cap glasses for a magical adventure!  His goal is to bring a smile to a special child participating in the Beads of Courage program.  #beadstrong #beadsofcourage #weareallconnected #heartwarrior #childhoodcancer

Feeling lighter already...

Skeeter's New Year's Resolution involves twine, helium balloons, and loosing a few lb's.  Not going to lie, the corduroy slacks are quite snug after slaying one too many Holiday veggie trays at the office Christmas party.  Hope you have a Happy New Year!!! 

Helium and String

One day young hippo had a wish,
Not to swim like a silly fish.
He wanted to learn how to fly,
And soar into the wild, blue sky.
His lifelong goal would be granted soon.
For hippo found a bright red balloon.
With the help of some helium and a string,
Hippo accomplished his flying dream.
So little hippos, what lesson has been taught?
Yes, it is important to tie a good knot...
But with some help from helium and string,
Hippos can accomplish magical things.
-Heather M. Sellers

Sauerkraut in December? Heck yeah!

Oktoberfest has past, however the Piggy Polka never goes out of style. 
So pull on a pair of lederhosen, fill your stein with ginger ale, and let out a yodel-lay-hee-hoo:
Roll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun.
Roll out the barrel, we've got the blues on the run!
((insert festive accordion accompaniment here))

Ski Patrol

Move over Snow Bunnies, there's a new animal on the slopes!  It has been said that the brave don't live forever, but the cautious don't live at all.  So here's to you Snow Guinea, enjoy all the frigid air, excessive schlepping up the mountain, and near death experiences a ski adventure has to offer. 

Soda Lime Times: January 2017

Have you signed up for Soda Lime Times??? The theme for this month is white and what better artist to feature than the talented Manuela Wutschke! Also included are some great articles/tutorials by Sandra Schenck, Debbie Sanders, Darryle Jadaa, and Donna Felkner. A great "me" gift for the Holidays. Go on, you deserve it! Visit to subscribe.

Mad Beatbox Skilz

Ever wonder why you get carded when purchasing spray paint? Well wonder no more! Meet Maurice, street artist and beatbox extraordinaire. Definitely not your typical church mouse.
Stocking up on "art" supplies.

Gingerbread Zombie

 "All I want for Christmas is gelatinized brains...
I would also settle for cash... giftcards are good too."

Cleaning the Craft Room

Initially it seemed like a good idea when Chester decided to help organize the yarn.  A few minutes into the project, his feline instinct to savagely bat string kicked in...  needless to say, the game took a turn for the worse.

Knitting Fiasco

"Cast on 8 stitches, set up pattern.  Row 1 (right side):  k1, yo, knit until there are stitches left in row; p1, k1, p1.  Row 2:  p1, k1, and then purl until end of row.  Knit rows 1-2 until you have 31 stitches on your needle and you've just finished row 2 of the set-up pattern.  Transistion Row 1:  k2, kfb 24 times, k2; finish p1, k1, p1" 

Then it happens... the moment you realize the "cozy cowl" knitting tutorial is well above your skill level.  #KnittingFail #DIYdisaster #Cast-astrophy

Happy Hanukkah

A special design which has been on the studio drawing board for over a year. 
This song is dedicated to Sharon:
"Put on your yarmulke, here comes Hanukkah,
It's so much fun-akkah to celebrate Hanukkah.
Hanukkah is the festival of lights,
Instead of one day of presents,
We have eight crazy nights!" 
-Adam Sandler

The Great Horn-Rimmed Owl

The Great Horn-rimmed Owl inhabits bookstores and hipster coffee shops in many parts of North America.  These nocturnal avian readers enjoy a wide range of books including sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, mysteries, and collections of classic poetry. 

The Elusive Yeti

Here are some Yeti fun facts to start off your Tuesday.  Yeti Motto:  "The powder is falling, the mountains are calling."  Off the slopes, Yeti enjoy making snow angels... which look less like an angel and more like an abominable bowling ball.  They also love a rousing game of hide and go seek.  Yeti or not, here I come!

Yuletide Bandit

The Yuletide Bandit steals trash and vandalizes refuse containers during the hours of 10pm to 3am.  If you hear noise outside your home, do not try to apprehend the wily bandit.  Be safe, stay inside, and alert the local authorities.  He is also wanted for questioning in multiple cases of identity theft involving the purchase of dog food using stolen credit card numbers. 
Age: 3 years old
Height:  34 inches
Weight:  23 lbs.
Hair:  Frost-Tipped Fur
Eyes:  Beady, Black as Coal
Distinguishing Features:  Always wears a mask
Markings:  "I ❤ Garbage" tattoo
Known Alias:  Trash Panda

Behind the Mask

Packing up a few more donations for Beads of Courage.   Hope you have a wonderful weekend.   

Santa Baby

Ever wonder why Santa Claus wears a black belt?  Spoiler alert... it isn't because he's a karate master. 
As you can see, Mr. Claus has a small issue with his festive trousers.  Here's hoping he finds the missing belt before Christmas Eve!  #YuletideBumCrack #KringleMuffintop 


When experiencing difficulty getting into the glass-melting groove, it helps me to take a step back and create special Beads of Courage "dream beads".  I feel my hands are blessed with a greater measure of skill.  #beadsofcourage #beadstrong

It's that time of the year...

Don't act like you haven't a clue what I'm referring to. 'Tis the season to dress up your adorable pets in festive Holiday costumes and enjoy a good chuckle over their shame... all while drinking a spiced glass of nog. Post them if you got' em!