Gone Tubing

Last Summer, I discovered my life's passion...  Tubing. 
Floating down the river without a care in the world.  Fish nibbling at my toes.  Soaking up the sun while slathered in SPF 110 sunscreen.  The adrenaline rush of spotting a snake stick in the water.  Imagine the exhilaration of riding the rapids while friends try to pelt each other with wet jumbo marshmallows.  One hasn't lived life until they have felt the soft mush of a river-soaked mallow bean them upside the head.  I'm currently in the process of finding sponsors to financially back my professional tubing career.... kind of like Nascar, but with sponsorship stickers on my tube, sunhat, sunglasses, and swimsuit.  Wish me luck!
 Mint anyone?

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