Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Blarney Stone, Pixie, Spearmint, Dragon, Envy

Pictured from left to right:  Blarney Stone, Pixie, Spearmint, Dragon, and Envy.


Blarney Stone is a vibrant grass green.  The glass was easy to shape and mold.  Unlike other heavily pigmented greens, the glass did not fizz uncontrollably during testing, even with prolonged flame exposure.  An envious color addition to the CiM palette.  No shocking occurred. 


Pixie is a bright alligator green.  The elfish color addition nicely fills the color transition from green to green-blue in the CiM palette.  No bubbling.  Very minor shocking occurred during testing.  (See comparison photo above)

Dragon a blushed avocado green.  The baring many similarities to Ogre, but with a more intense saturation of sage green.  Easy to shape and extremely forgiving.  No bubbling or shocking occurred during testing.  (See comparison photo above)

Envy is a close cousin to Emerald City.  This new color has a slightly grassy hue.  The glass molds with ease and flows surprisingly well for being a transparent.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.  

Spearmint is a refreshing minty blue.  The color addition spans the gap between Kryptonite and Mint Lozenge.  The glass is a dream to shape and mold.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.  (Featured as base color below)

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