Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Aloha, Elf, Blue Arrow Frog, Prairie Grass, Garnet

Aloha is a vibrant tropical blue.  The slightly darker than turquoise Fremen, the opaque color reminds me of a spring Bluebird.  The glass was easy to mold.  No shocking, bubbling or color distortion occurred during testing.  (Turquoise accent color in the Koi cabochon pictured below.)

Koi Cabochon features Aloha, Elf, and Blue Arrow Frog.

Elf is a cheery, Holiday green.  A darker version of CiM's new Pixie, the glass is shaped with ease.  With extended working, only slight gloss streaking occurred.  No bubbling.   Minor shocking occurred during testing which can be avoided by pre-warming rods. (Elf is featured as the lily pad detail in the Koi cabochon.  Pictured above.)


Blue Arrow Frog is a deep, lapis blue.  The rich opaque color is darker than Ming and more on par with the vibrate color of Royal.  A nice addition for a variety of projects and designs.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing. (Blue background color for the koi cabochon pictured above.)


Ogre Toe set features Prairie Grass, Garnet accent rounds.

Garnet is a dark, berry-stained red.  The glass easily strikes with little effort.  The rich color blooms into a saturated blood red.  From Valentine's Day to Halloween, this glass is perfect for fun Holiday designs throughout the entire year. Counting the days until the release date! (Accent rounds in the Ogre Toe bead set.)

Prairie Grass is a happy, citrus green. Akin to Elphaba this color is not streaky with extensive gloss striations.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.  (Main color in the Ogre's Toe bead.)

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