Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Aladdin, Loch Ness, 50s Kitchen, Frozen, Foam

Loch Ness Ltd Run is a transparent swamp green,  The heavily-pigmented mossy color becomes more readily visible when used as a decorative frit or encased.  Otherwise, the glass appears almost black in intensity.  No shocking or hazing occurred during testing.

50s Kitchen Ltd Run is a subtle key lime.  The retro inspired color could easily be classified as a light Mint Chip or Opaque Appletini.  Slight shocking ceased once the glass was gently pre-warmed.

Aladdin Ltd Run appears to be a transparent plum, however under a bright light the glass reveals a rich, slightly transparent marsala with a cranberry glow.  When encased with Effetre Clear, the color appears to lighten to a pale plum.  When paired with EDP frit, the depth of Aladdin's color variation is lovely.  No shocking.  Any hazing in the test bead is due to properties of EDP and not related to Aladdin's quality.

 2015 Pantone Color of the Year

Foam Ltd Run is a marshmallow white.  The glass sculpted with ease and retained sharp detail throughout the long process of forming and reheating the dogwood test bead.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.

Frozen Ltd Run is a opalino white.  The glass remained a clean, white quartz during testing without any discoloration.  A bit shocky if introduced to the flame suddently.  Once warmed, the rod of glass ceased any shocking or cracking.  No hazing or bubbling occurred during testing. 

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