Let's get Organized!

Have you ever heard the saying, “Organized people are just too lazy to look for things”?  Well, let’s be lazy together!  Here are some helpful ideas for organizing the clunky shaped tools and supplies necessary for flameworking.

Posting Project SketchesA magnetic board holds sketches or tutorials for design reference while at the torch.  Available at a local office supply store, craft store, or online retailer.  Make sure the board is mounted away from the reach of the flame.  Paper and fire do not mix! 

Stringer Storage:  Kitchen utensil holders can be used to store bundles and bundles of stringers.  Pictured above is the OXO holder, available at Bed, Bath & Beyond or online retailer.  The stainless steel holder features a “Lazy Susan” base, allowing for quick access to stringers.  Transparent stringers in the holder on the left, opaque stringers in the holder on the right. 
Glass Rod Storage:  Plastic Rectangular Downspouts cut down to 15 inch length sections and stacked in a cabinet.  The downspouts can be cut and purchased at a local home improvement store.  Make sure to use a hair dryer set on cold or air compressor to blow out the plastic flakes from the cutting process.  The cabinet is a kitchen island from Ikea. 
Bead Presses:  A stair-step spice organizer works wonders for holding presses.  With the ascending display of tools, labels can be easily read when locating a press.  Available to purchase from a kitchen store or online retailer.
Mandrels:  Ceramic Mugs filled with dried rice or sand to hold pre-dipped mandrels.  Multiple mugs can be used to organize small, medium, and large mandrels or blowing tubes. 
Mashers and Rollers:  A stainless steel hanging bar with “s” hooks can be used to hang any tool with a hole.  Loop a piece of twine through the handle and then hang on the hook.  The bar including mounting brackets and separate “s” hooks can be purchased from Ikea, online retailers, or local home store.

Murrini, Enamel and Frit:  Plastic storage containers are a wonderful solution for organizing anything small. The printable labels were in the latest Enamel issue of Soda Lime Times.  If you purchase murrini, make sure to label the containers for re-ordering the correct color or variation.  If you make your own murrini, label the containers with the glass recipe for making additional murrini.  Available at most hobby stores in the jewelry/beading department.

Bead Caddy:  Displays and organizes current projects, marbles, cabochons, and “orphan” beads.  Great for holding example beads for size reference while making pairs or sets at the torch.  DIY project: wood, dremel, paint, screws, felt and a bit of elbow grease.

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corn fed girl said...

So bright! You do such good work...beading & designing everything & anything!