Creation is Messy New Color Testing: School Bus, Goldenrod, Royal, & Chamomile

Aside from some home improvement projects dominating my schedule this past week, I had a chance to begin testing some new colors by Creation is Messy.  The colors from left to right:  Elphaba, Goldenrod, School Bus, Daffodil, Alley Cat, Tiger Lily, Poppy.  Just a few of the fantastic colors featured in the CiM palette.   

School Bus (pictured above) is a rich, buttercup yellow.  A happy addition to the CiM palette, School Bus is a welcome bridge between Goldenrod and Daffodil.  The quality of glass is surperb with the color true throughout.  No bubbling or shocking occurred during testing.  Looking forward to adding more of this glass to my color cabinet when it is released.

Goldenrod is a bright, sunny yellow.  This glass was an absolute joy to sculpt into a silly duck focal.  Typically, Effetre yellows have intense striations of gloss which rise to the surface and may create discolorations in the final finish, however this didn't occur with Goldnerod.   The color is true throughout.  Wraps of hot glass mealted into the surface with ease, leaving no indications of adding glass to the main bead.

Royal Ltd is a rich, jeweled hue similar to a sapphire.  Like most transparent rods, the glass was stiff in nature.  No shocking occurred in testing.  When applied over a pastel white base, the deep, jewel-tone dot work appeared lighter, however the color remained clean without bubbling or distortion.

Chamomile Ltd is a vivid, spiced-mustard yellow.  The sleek glass boasts lovely striations of gloss, giving the appearance a luminous mossy glow.  The rich color is an earthy addition to the Messy palette.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.  The glass easily rolled freely in the ribbed mold to create crisp, sculpted ridges.  No reaction was noted when paired with a silvered ivory shard.

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