CiM Testing: Frost, Zoe, Birthstone, Blue-yah, and Pollen

Frost is a true light aqua.  When compared to Ice Floe, the new addition to the Messy family has a subtle Caribbean flare.  The glass was clean and crisp with no shocking, hazing or bubbling.  The color could be classified as a super light pulsar and on par with Effetre light aqua.

Zoe is a bright aqua color.  With a more intense saturation than Frost, I would classify the color as lighter version of Pulsar.  Upon introducing the glass rod to the flame, the glass tended to haze and slightly bubble.  The haze quickly disappeared with even heating, leaving no trace on the finished bead.  No shocking occurred. 

Birthstone is a close cousin to Zoe, but with a slight hint of teal green.  Similar to Zoe, hazing occurred when the glass was introduced into the flame.  The hazing and slight bubbling cleared upon reaching molten.  The final bead finish is smooth and without blemish.  I would classify Birthstone as a lighter version of Blue-yah!

Blue-yah! is a more saturated version of Birthstone with heavy undertones of teal (when compared to Pulsar).  No shocking or hazing occurred when heated.  The intensity of Blue-yah! is similar to Pulsar, however the teal green of Blue-yah stands out.
Pollen is a vibrant yellow.  In small quantities, the glass appears transparent with a luminous neon quality.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.   The glass was stiff in nature when sculpted, similar to the consistency of a transparent glass  The finished surface being smooth and without blemish, flowing nicely to create the body of a bumblebee. 

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