Yuletide Bandit

The Yuletide Bandit steals trash and vandalizes refuse containers during the hours of 10pm to 3am.  If you hear noise outside your home, do not try to apprehend the wily bandit.  Be safe, stay inside, and alert the local authorities.  He is also wanted for questioning in multiple cases of identity theft involving the purchase of dog food using stolen credit card numbers. 
Age: 3 years old
Height:  34 inches
Weight:  23 lbs.
Hair:  Frost-Tipped Fur
Eyes:  Beady, Black as Coal
Distinguishing Features:  Always wears a mask
Markings:  "I ❤ Garbage" tattoo
Known Alias:  Trash Panda

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Unknown said...

I think your yule tide bandit is just the coolest bead ever.. is there a chance he might be for salem