Gargoyle Training

Don't let his wrinkles fool you, Garth is less than 300 years old... a young age for a gargoyle.  He hopes to someday join the famous gargoyles throughout history and permanently perch atop of a 12 century cathedral.  But first Garth needs to develop his mean face, practice holding still for long periods of time, and move with stealth when no one is watching... kind of like the Queen's Royal Guard, but without the puffy hat.  Who better to train him than the gargoyle greats?  #meanface
Mel, Roz, and Bosco taught "Perching 101: Overcoming Fear of Heights"
(Bosco is a bit camera shy)
 Snack time with Arnie and Guy 

 Striking a pose with Roy

Contemplating life's mysteries with Vlad
Shrill scream training with crazy Uncle Stan

Last but not least, Bucky taught the appropriate times to display fangs, claws, and bellybuttons for tourists' photos.


Coloraddiction said...

This totally made me smile! Yey, Garth!!

Heather Sellers said...

Thank you Kandice! So glad he made you smile :)
All the best,