Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Slate, African Violet, Jet Stream, Cleopatra, Ceylon

 From left to right:  Pulsar, Royal, Jet Stream, Cleopatra, Ceylon

Slate Ltd. Run is a pale gray blue.  The subtle transparent glass reminds me of a Midwestern sky before a Spring thunderstorm.  The stiff glass presses easily and holds shape nicely while adding intricate surface decoration.  No bubbling, hazing, or shocking during testing.

African Violet Ltd. Run is a rich, transparent purple which is true to it's name.  The intense color is difficult to capture in a photograph.  Similar to most transparent colors, the glass holds shape well to create a solid base bead.  The glass would best showcase it's vibrant color as an encasement over a light base color.
Ceylon Ltd. Run is a transparent, smoky topaz.  No hazing or bubbling during testing. Very clean and crisp.  The stiff crystalline glass has a lovely slightly pink glow.  Much darker than CiM Chateau which has a amber tint, Ceylon's color is more muted leaning toward a more neutral spectrum. 

Jet Stream Ltd. Run is slightly lighter version of Royal Ltd. Run with a soft kiss of navy.  When used to encase fine silver, the glass flowed nicely without being too stiff.  The fine silver foil remained bright and clean without reaction. 

Cleopatra Ltd. Run is a vivid amethyst.  The dark purple leans toward the red-violet region on the color chart.  Like most transparents, the glass is stiff.  The rich hue can easily be showcased when used to encase a lighter base color.  No shocking, hazing or bubbling during testing.

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