Green with Envy

About five years ago, I had a lady refer to my beads as juvenile.  The comment made me pause for a moment.  My better-half insisted the lady was referring to the fact that my beads are "youthful, fun, and whimsical", instead of the correct definition "reflecting psychological or intellectual immaturity".  After the comment, I felt the need to branch out and experiment with more "grown up" designs.  Another part of me wanted to rebel, stomp my feet, and refuse to create anything which could be labeled as "mature".  If you have followed my blog throughout the years, you can tell which part of me has won in the design department.  Maybe I suffer from PPS (Peter Pan Syndrome) and I'm too full of sheer mischief for grown up designs.  So, for the readers who are suffering from PPS, this post should contain a warning of mature content... shield your eyes! 

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