The World is your Oyster

I have been working on sketches of sea life for an upcoming workshop titled "Day at the Beach".  I kicked around some thoughts on sea shells and taking them to another level of fun.  Our last trip to San Diego, while chasing miniature crabs, the kids found a slew of oyster shells in the sand.  The two seemed like a fun combination. 
After 6 sketches, ranging from silly to life like, I settled on something in between.  The exterior is a silvered ivory so to shimmer in the light, yet dark enough to cast a gray hue.  The oyster's open half is filled with one of my Double Helix favorites, Kronos.  The crab was formed from 1mm, bright red stringers.  Small doesn't begin to accurately describe the little guy.  Leg to leg, he measures 14mm x 15mm.  Total time to torch: 1.5 hours. 
The finished focal would look fabulous paired with a strand of shimmery pearls.  I could imagine him on display, surrounded by sand, beach glass and shells.  Or how cute would it be to incorporate the focal on the handle of an oyster knife!?  No idea where he will end up, but I love the thought of someone flipping over the shell to find the silly little guy!

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