Let's Create! with CiM

This page will serve as a quick link to my "Let's Create" posts.  The posts are strictly my personal opinion based on years of working with glass.  I will compare and contrast new additions to the CiM palette with other 104 CoE brands such as Effetre, Vetrofond, Lausha, and Double Helix (to name a few).  
Readers will be able to reference colors by name, compare finishes, and preview reactions in full detail.  I hope my finding will provide a guide for flameworkers and assist in capturing their own creative vision.  The shared experiences and insights will help readers to predict end results before ever lighting a torch and instill true color confidence.  The process of color testing CiM glass will be a journey I hope you join me on.
Happy Beading,

Testing Posts:

Torch set up:
I currently work on a Carlisle Mini CC.  The adjustable flame accommodates the wide variety of detail and allows for torching larger focals.  My studio set up includes an EX-15 Oxygen Concentrator and dedicated natural gas line which produces an incredibly clean flame.  No bothering with changing out fuel tanks or refilling tanks, which is a nice plus.

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