Creation is Messy New Color Testing: Byzantium, Meadow, Ecru, Musk, Allspice

From left to right:  Byzantium, Meadow, Ecru, Musk, Allspice
Musk Ltd. Run is a transparent, honey-kissed, mountain dew.  The vivid color is very similar to Effetre Kelp 090, but Musk is slightly more intense.  No shocking or bubbling during testing.

Allspice Ltd. Run is a cinnamon alabaster.  Extended flameworking yields a rich, woody blush to the smooth finish.  No shocking or bubbling during testing. (Pictured above)

Byzantium Ltd. Run reminds me of juicy, homemade blackberry preserves.  The glass is slightly transparent and allows light to pass through and showcase the rich jeweled color.  No bubbling or shocking during testing.

Meadow Ltd. Run is a fun color addiction to the Messy family.  The lovely green nicely fills the gap between Elphaba and Olive.  The bright, cheery opaque green is easily shaped and sculpted.  Perfect for a floral vignette project.  (Pictured above in Baby Hulk bead.)

Ecru Ltd. Run is a soft, creamy alabaster.  The glass should be worked in a neutral, well-balanced flame to avoid any golden discoloration.  The soft nature of Ecru lends nicely to pressing or shaping.  No shocking or bubbling occurred during testing.

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