Beads of Courage is hosting a Giveaway:

Born of Fire, Glass, & Love Giveaway:
Beads of Courage is hosting an amazing giveaway opportunity. 
 Steps to enter:
1. Buy the new ebook (
2. Make beads from the ebook.
3. Send bead donations to Beads of Courage.

 You will be automatically entered for a chance to win the Grand Prize which includes 2 CG Beadrollers, 1 Year Subscription to Soda Lime Times, Sampler Pack of CiM Glass, and a Signed/Printed Copy of the eBook. 
 Other chances to win include 1 of 4 giveaways including a bead roller from Donna Felkner, Owner/Creator of CG Beads or a glass sample pack from the Beads of Courage HQ vault! 

 Entry Deadline is March 1, 2016. So fire up your torch and Good luck to all!

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