UFO Invasion

Night Vision Photograph

Last night, something crazy happened.  To be honest, it was like something from the movie Cocoon... but without all the old people and the bad 80's hair.  A UFO landed in the culdesac at the end of the street! 

Yeah, hard to believe but stick with me on this one...  the metal hatch opened and out wobbled 7 adorable little aliens.  Terrified by the sight of Gizmo, the UFO pilot took off and ditched his buddies.  Unfortunately the others were not phased by the lazy feline.  Brave souls indeed! 

Small enough to fit through the cat door, the miniature aliens invaded our home.  "Naughty" doesn't begin to describe the havoc they brought with them.  After a bit of herding, the children and I were able to round-up the little guys without use of a tazer.  Phew! 

Good news, they promised to behave if I could find them a good home.  So off they go to Beads of Courage Headquarters in Tucson.  May they have a safe journey to their new homes!
***Important Disclosure:  I am not responsible for any pranks, jokes, balderdash, farts, plumbing clogs, homeowner insurance claims, or malarkey which the little guys unleash upon their new families.  Did I mention... they tried to flush the cat down the toilet!  Always remember: 1. Don't get them wet.  2. No bright lights.  3. No matter how much they beg, don't feed them after midnight. ***
Please Note: no animals or aliens were harmed in the creation of this blog post. 

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