Spring Workshop - 14 Mini Lampwork Tutorials - Intermediate to Advanced Flameworkers

Now available for download from ETSY
This E-book is a compilation of 14 Spring Designs – included in this booklet are step by step TEXT instructions for intermediate to advanced flameworkers, 1 high-quality color photograph of each completed focal, a sketch booklet containing of each design in a 5-step progression, and helpful tips.

Why a printable sketch packet?

First, the packet illustrates the bead detail from start to finish. I wanted to give the reader a look into my world of glass design. I’m hoping the illustrations will help the reader become more adventurous and think outside the box. I suggest purchasing a set of colored pencils to experiment with the endless color options.

Second, I wanted to create an inexpensive booklet which includes a multitude of tutorials for intermediate to advanced students, who are unable to travel for classes/workshops. Also, I didn’t want to waste the readers time and their printer ink with instructions on “how to” create a simple round bead or press a lentil. I hope the innovative tutorial sketch concept is embraced by readers.

Designs included in the Booklet:  Salty the Snail, Bunny, Mushroom, Ladybug, Flower Child, Sculptural Rose, Carrot, Daisy Bloom, Bunny Face, Duck, Robin's Nest, Spring Chick, Leprechaun, and Dottie Spring Pastels.

The E-book is in PDF format, available via ETSY.  It consists of 2 downloadable files which total 25 pages long. The booklet contains over 22 high-quality color photographs, and over 130 "how to" progression bead sketches (5 sketches per design).  The total file size is 2.42MB.

Focus audience: Intermediate to Advanced Flameworkers with working knowledge of the torch. The E-book does NOT contain basic beadmaking techniques or step-by-step photography.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

This looks wonderful! I have always wondered your thought process of bringing beads to life from your imagination. I know this will be instrumental and hopefully lead to a new way of creativity. I'm on my way to your Etsy shop!

Thanks so much for making this tutorial!


Heather Sellers said...

Hi Cheryl,
Thank you for the subtle push and kind words. I think we all need a "baby bird" moment where a helpful nudge comes our way. I hope you enjoy the tutorial. It is truly meant for those who are not able to travel and attend workshops, but long for the knowledge.
Hope you have a lovely day,

Cherry Chick said...

Kudos to you Heather...So proud of you. I'm sure they'll sell like hotcakes. ;-)