Fetch - Bulldog Jewelry Set

A preview to my current puppy project.  I wanted to take the idea of a dog focal taught by Claudia and make it my own, so I adapted the striped focal to include my silly bulldog design.  The ultra small teeth are adorable!  Later today, I will be setting the sparkly cabochon into a custom sterling silver pendant.  The completed set will include the fabulous puppy set for a bracelet/necklace, a sterling silver cabochon pendant/charm, and the matching pair of mini hearts for earrings.  Love the fresh color scheme!


Cherry Chick said...

Love the under bite...too cute! You're just so freakin' creative my friend. :-)

Alicia Coats said...

I love this! The bulldog is soooo cute! Love the stripes, polkadots & glittery beads too!

Heather Sellers said...

Thanks Alicia! Not sure why, I am loving the gray and sunny yellow combination right now :) Another person commented that the silvery green beads remind them of shiny candy wrappers. Yum!
All the best,

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this! I was wondering if you would share how you made the green "shiny candy wrappers" beads. I also love the shape of the hearts. Is that a press and if so, which one? I also have Claudia's Book. It's just so beautiful and filled with so much information along with so many incredible pictures! I am also a fan of your work and would die to take a class with you; however, I live in NC and don't see that happening anytime soon. Would you ever consider creating tutorials (I do have the BOC tutorial "booklet")? I especially love how you think outside "the press" to create your animal and other beads! Also, how you go about creating your ideas.



Heather Sellers said...

Thank you Cheryl for the lovely comment. I responded to your question in a free mini tutorial blog post. Let me know if you have any questions!

As for the mini hearts, they were made on 1/16th mandrels by using a sweetheart mini duo press by Zoozii.

I create tutorial booklets for students who attend my workshops. They are mini tutorials with step by step text which details the bead from start to finish. Each in depth description is accompanied by 1 picture of the finished focal. To give you an idea, each booklet includes 14-20 mini tutorials.

Currently, I have 3 booklets available: Festive Fall Workshop, Winter Wonderland Workshop, and Spring Workshop. A "Day at the Beach" workshop booklet is upcoming. Let me know if you are interested via Etsy.

The mini tutorial blog post will give you an idea of the booklet layout and explanation.

I would love to have you in class if you are ever in the Phoenix area.

Hope you have a lovely day,