Touché Hobby Store

I stopped by a hobby store to pick up some supplies... a few seconds later I had to stop and ask myself:

"Is it still July?"
The brimming shelves boasted rotund pumpkins and Autumn leaves vining into festive tangles...  I love Fall, however doesn't it seem a bit early to break out the jack-o-lanterns?  Give me a bit more time to pry the sandy flip-flops off on my sun-kissed feet and say goodbye to Summer. 

Until then, here is my "whoa, way too soon" Autumn post in response to the barrage of Fall décor...  Touché hobby store, touché!
20g Stainless Steel, 4 inches in length.  The possibilities are endless!


corn fed girl said...

I love the simplicity of these! I love fall too...but yeah....slow down there hobby store!

Heather Sellers said...

Thanks Jen! Miss you bunches. I just torched a fun bead that reminds me of Nat. I will be posting it soon. All the best, Heather