Cabochon Workshop

Discover glass cabochons and create art in the process.  This intermediate level workshop will take you on a step by step journey into the world of flameworking glass cabochons.  You will learn how to use a bench torch and soft glass to create unique cabochons.  Imagination is the limit!

Mesa Arts Center on May 12th from 3pm to 6pm.
To register click here or register by phone:
Phone:  (480) 644-6500
Class Section:  CAW13GLW051-01
Materials list:
Glass, cabochon mandrels, bead release, matches, stainless steel tweezers, didymium safety glasses or ACE glasses, desired shaping tools. 

Optional Mandrel Kit available to Purchase:
Students may purchase a $14 cabochon kit which includes one 7/8" cabochon mandrel and two inserts.  (limit 2 kits per student)

Space is limited and optional kits are priced with a special group discount for students. Good luck!


Cherry Chick said...

Looky there...her name in print!

Cabochon class $32
Airfare from Tampa $400
Hotel in AZ $200
Taught by Heather Seller $Pricelss

Someday I'll make it out for your classes.


Heather Sellers said...

Too funny! It would be my pleasure to melt glass with you anytime. Hugs, Heather

Annie said...

Wish I was closer and could sign up for this - I have made a mess of the handful of cabs I have tried making!! Looking forward to seeing the results from the class on your blog!!

Take care,
Peterborough, Ontario

Heather Sellers said...

Thank you for the comment Annie! So sorry to hear that you have had some bad luck with cabs lately. If you need some tips, please feel free to ask. I'm more than happy to share helpful ideas. I will keep you posted on "example" cabs for the class. The kiln will be a humming with projects this weekend!
All the best,

corn fed girl said...

I want to go! Oh wait...I can't! whatever:(

Heather Sellers said...

hehehe :) I'm sorry you can't go! Maybe next time.