Slow Down

Every morning, I look toward the mountains: 
Quiet, peaceful, strong.
My thoughts often drift to their grand embrace.
Hard surface rising into the clear azure sky, a wash of soft hues.
Their majesty blanketed by clouds,
Stoney grace cloaked in serene mist.
Where glaciers once carved their steep upward face,
Life springs forth from the heavy, cutting rain.
Breathtaking vistas await the one who is willing to scale the hard path.
How often is that the story of one's life?
Feet bruised from the difficult trails.
When I look upon the mountains, my mind wanders to my dear friends.
Some struggling in their personal climbs.
Many pathways chosen, but some placed at their feet by the ones they love. 
How different their approaches to life's trials.
I hope you take a moment to slow down, breathe,
And find joy in the place where the mountain meets the sky.


Cherry Chick said... now ya got me crying.

corn fed girl said...

Amen sist'a friend!