Studio Stare Down

Ya, it's on.  Hummingbirds buzz the house all day long.  They seem drawn to the candy-pink hibiscus in the front flower garden, however it has been a couple of days since I last spotted one.  Gizmo seemed a bit down with the kids back in school, so I purchased a feeder to place outside the studio window.

A few days went by without a successful siting.  The freeze warning prompted me to cover the front flowers last night.  Looking back it was pure accidental genius, the array of colorful beach towels seemed to attract over-head interest from the little guys.  To our excitement, a round Lucifer Hummingbird stopped by for a visit.  My camera is not the best at zooming from such a long distance, so his jeweled purple neck is a bit washed out.

To Mo-mo's delight, the little bird has been perched on the courtyard wall for the entire morning. The name Gus seemed fitting.  He appears to like sunning himself from the wall perch.  And the studio stare down begins!

I should have new bead pictures to post tomorrow.  Until then, Heather

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