"Rescue Panther"

Have you seen the Geico "Rescue Panther" commercial?  It is worth a gander if you have a cat who loves to perch precariously in high places.  Gizmo's new nap spot reminds me of the silly video in question.  He dangles his paws from the high shelf in the studio, batting at my tools neatly organized on the wall.  Upon the onset of boredom, he sleeps.  Heaven forbid he rolls off!  
On another note, Miss Laura has herself a new addition to her family.  So excited for her!  Nigel is one handsome fella... I think Gizmo and him look remarkably alike.  Enjoy, Heather


Cherry Chick said...

Oh..that's so funny! I had not seen that GEICO commercial before. I can see why it reminds you of Gizmo.
Have you seen the GEICO commercial about the pig? I still laugh when I see it on TV.

Heather Sellers said...

We apparently need to watch more TV, just think of all the commercials we are missing out on!