Wild Heart Silverwork

Not far from my childhood home, wild roses grew along the old fence line. The blossoms were so lovely and full. Throughout the years, the unpredictable Missouri weather spurred the woody plant to become strong. The vines entwined to the old wood post and trailed through the rusty barbed wire. On occasion, I would pause to admire the lovely blossoms. In the summer heat, it was easy to imagine a dusty farmer, clad in worn overalls and wide brimmed straw hat, stopping to pick a bouquet for his sweetheart. 

"Wild Heart" captures the beauty of a wild rose.  On a whim, I happened upon the rare laguna agate cabochon.  The warm color and smooth finish of this cab are superb.  Definitely a one of a kind sterling silver connector, perfect for a unique necklace and beautiful conversation piece.


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