Mossy Oak

I was a pack rat as a young girl...  actually, "pack rat" is probably an understatement.  Years of living in a small, well-organized home has freed me from the desire to gather things, but some of my fondest childhood memories involve bringing small treasures home. 

Along the fence line of my childhood home, a large Oak tree stood with a soft, fuzzy blanket of moss on the ground.  This lovely, piney green moss was one of my favorite things.  I would carefully transplant it into a small terracotta pot, then place it on my window sill.

My Mother was so patient with my gathering obsession.  She would let me keep my dirt covered collections of nature for a time.  The turtles and tadpoles never seemed to make it past the back door.  Yes, like most Mothers, she had a special radar for all things living.  She would let me keep them on the back porch for an afternoon, then send me back to the pond to release my little friends.
"Mossy Oak" is a one of a kind, sterling silver metalwork piece.  Featuring a beyond beautiful, natural green druzy from Uruguay and small moonstone cabochon.

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