New beads on the way...

Finally found the correct fitting for the new torch.  It took 2 days to locate it, 3 supply stores (none of which had the type B - left hand thread fitting)... I almost gave the sales guy at the welding store a hug when he told me he had the right part.  The torch is up and running like a champ.  The happy site brought me to tears.  Gizmo didn't seem too impressed, "nice, you finally got it figured out... about time... but the real question is, can that thing open a can of tuna???"
Lampworking Tip:
The typical "neutral" flame for a Carlisle Mini CC torch has a candle (or focal length) of 3/8" for soft glass.  All loops of the focal flame will be identical in length.  Rubinos are a great tool in testing for a neutral flame.  Too much oxygen will bubble or boil the rubino.  If the rubino reduces and becomes grey, the fuel is too high (or oxygen is too low).  A neutral flame will not bubble or reduce Rubino. 

Happy Beading,

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