Sleepy Kitty & Angel Kisses No.2

Busted!  Sleeping on the job aye?  I leave the studio for 3 minutes and return to find the "office manager" in the middle of a cat nap.  I had no idea the packages were so comfy... who knew?  I'm sure he has a good excuse, maybe "testing the bubble wrap" or "keeping the beads warm"???  Ok then, take a nap, but make it quick... the post office closes in a couple hours.

On another note, loved the first set of "Angel Kisses" so much, had to make another.  Switched the pale lavender discs for some pink accents.  Enjoy!


corn fed girl said...

AHHHHH! Hjakjdskjfhsdkjs%^%&*^%hbasjbdsjhdls!!!!!!

My head just exploded.

Did you hear it?

Narrative jewelry said...

Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas) Heather !
If you want to send Gizmo in one of the package, i will receive him with a great joy...

Heather Sellers said...

Hahaha! Thank you both for making me laugh. @Vero your beads are beautiful. I would gladly send Gizmo for a visit, but he would probably slow down your beadmaking. He is a bit of a baby! @Jen I can come by with some duct tape if you need it to hold your head together while browsing beads :)
Merry Christmas,

Cherry Chick said... it.....thanks for the smiles my friend