Ebon Tide No.2

"Ebon Tide No.2" has been in the works for more than 1year.  I have been hoarding focals for the lovely set design.  The first bead made was the murrini focal (upper right) which is decorated with fine silver, raku and dots.  The next bead to follow was Terra, the encased skinny tot focal with wisps of pinks, purples, copper greens, blues, and earth tones.  The urchin inspired focal has a base made from original Double Helix Terra which was encased in pale lavender and dotted with sleek black.  The silver purple disc accent (left of the urchin), was sprinkled with fine Terra dust to give it a sandy glow.  Last but not least, the main starfish focal showcases silver purples, raku, raised dots, and a base of ivory and transparents. 

It sounds cliché, but the photo doesn't do it justice.  The silver purple glass is difficult to photograph due to the reflective nature.  In person, one can see the intricate ultra-mini dots on the star's surface and the depth of purple color.  The main focal size is 17mm.  Enjoy!

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Narrative jewelry said...

Love love this set, the colours are gorgeous, and i like the way the murrini shows off.
Gret work, one more time !