Terra - The Original Batch

Double Helix's Terra was originally released in April of 2007.  The incredible glass creates the most beautiful array of pinks to copper-blue-greens.  Unfortunately the extremely popular glass was unstable.  No longer available, the original production batch was hand drawn from an older furnace.  From what I have read, the company updated their furnaces and have moved to machine pulling.  The attempts to reproduce this amazing glass were nice, but in my opinion the original is beyond words.  I have held onto my original Terra from 2007, using it sparingly.  Here is an original Double Helix Terra lampwork creation from my stash:


Guido said...

. . . sooooo fantastic colorlines !!
hugs and greets ;)

Cherry Chick said...

Gorgeous....are all the random colors the nature of the glass?

Heather Sellers said...

Thank you Guido, your marbles are so lovely. I would love to learn how to make marbles someday as beautiful as yours. Yes Vicki, it is one glass that makes all of the colors. Pretty fun to play with. All the best, Heather