Recycle Repurpose Reuse

After searching every furniture outlet in the area and stalking furniture listings on Craig's List, Lauren and I ran across this find. 
It was at a little garage sale and needed major attention.  The bones were good... solid oak drawer construction, cherry wood exterior, dove tail joints, original brass handles.  The owner was only asking $15 for it (my mouth probably hit the ground, so much for a poker face).  It even had a matching twin companion dresser... in much worse condition priced at $5.  We splurged and purchased both, then headed to the hardware store for sandpaper, wood glue, wood putty, primer, clamps and paint.
Lauren was such a trooper.  We sanded for hours in the heat, she didn't complain once.  The $5 twin dresser sacrificed drawer stops, drawers, and handles to restore the much nicer $15 find.
All said, the entire project cost $30 with supplies and some elbow grease.  Not too shabby.


corn fed girl said...

I need to hire you to deco my HOUSE! That is one sweet dresser!

Heather Sellers said...

I will just send Lauren over, child-labor is ok right?