Laurel & Hardy vs. Mike & Frank

My favorite show on the History Channel is American Pickers.  Mike and Frank crack me up, not to mention Danielle trying to keep them in line!  I enjoy watching them dig up hidden treasures in the oddest places.  They remind me of a modern version of Laurel and Hardy. 
The actual Antique Archaeology store is about 2 hours away, so we decided to check it out.  Fun finds, great prices and what hospitality!  Danielle now has some silly bling to keep her company while the guys are out digging through old barns.
Laurel & Hardy Earrings (Modern Design):
If I had to wager, I would put my money on Mike & Frank in a smackdown with Laurel & Hardy.  Let's face it, they have to be pretty strong to get half of that stuff in the van.  Not to mention they are pro at climbing over junk and could make a quick get-away if needed.  Enjoy!
Laurel & Hardy (Old Timer Design):

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