Grey Winter

Driving through the Rockies this past week, I had to stop and ask:  "Can anyone else see color?"   It seems that grey Winter was finally upon us.  The only trace of color lingered in the fading sunlight.  I closed my eyes to dream of color.  Designs danced in my mind, bathed in an array of colors.  My notebook/pencil were carelessly forgotten at home, so I made mental note for later torch time.   I look forward to getting back into the swing of things at the torch.  Definitely won't miss hour after hour in the car and hearing the timeless question:  "Are we there yet?" 


coffeeaddict said...

It's a beautiful photo though. A sort of calm that can only come in the dead of winter.
My only back seat passenger is a cat who likes to howl like crazy.

Heather Sellers said...

That is hilarious! I was thinking up ways to take Gizmo along... he is a better passenger than the kids!