Creative Tip for November: Silver Leaf, My Nemesis

Beyond frustrated.... pull my hair out frustrated. I'm the type of person who learns from trial and error. The goal was to punch silver leaf into daisy shapes. Sounds simple huh? I'm a noobie when it comes to lampwork applications of silver leaf. Initially, I was naive and tried punching it without a backing... what a mess.  It was very apparent the foil needed some support. I used some paper backing and whalla! It worked pretty good.

Lemon Focal: 

The next "ah-ha" moment came when trying to apply the delicate silver leaf daisy.  After some trial and error, I created a glass lense and applied the silver leaf to the flat surface.  Heating the focal, I then applied the lense to the center of the lemon.  Not too shabby.  Hope this hint helps others when playing with silver leaf.


corn fed girl said...

That silver leaf got SPANKED!

Heather Sellers said...

Ok Jen, you are too funny! I will have to name my next set "SPANKED" in your honor.