Schweddy Balls

Just in time for the Holiday Season, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream announced a delicious new flavor...

 "Schweddy Balls"

After a good laugh, I was off to the grocery store to track down some Schweddy Balls.  I was terribly disappointed to find none in the ice cream section.  I pondered asking the stock person if they had some Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls in the back... but thought it might not be taken as a serious request. 

My  friends, Jennifer and Mike, had better luck and were able to find some in Colorado.  They said it was Fabulous!  Since a move to Colorado is not in the realm of possibilities, I decided to get a different kind of Schweddy fix and name my next hollow focal set after the hilarious SNL skit. 
The Originial SNL Schweddy Skit:


Jennifer said...

We saw an article the other day about a couple of mother's groups that were challenging markets trying to keep the ice cream off the stores because of the name. Stay diligent and I hope you can find it. It is awesome. Good luck and beautiful work!

Heather Sellers said...

Gotta get my Schweddy fix! Thanks again Jen :)