Newest Lentil Press

The newest lentil press finally arrived.  I'm sure the mail carrier thought I was some goof-ball peeking out the window, awaiting delivery.  It is from the same maker as my 20mm smooth sided lentil, but includes the smaller 14mm and 17mm sizes.  The smaller tab press I used before was nice for a chunky 14mm focal (pictured in the daisies above), but I'm sold on the new sleek press. 


Cherry Chick said...

Mine! Mine! LuRvE them! You are too sweet! I've been missing...sigh...but I knew I could find out what you've been up to if I came here. ;-)
Thank You...thank you <3

Dragonfly Lampworks said...

You will have to let me know when they arrive safetly. They should be there very soon!